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Challenges of Growing Connected TV as a Marketing Platform
Nielsen's Eric Ferguson discusses the challenges faced by Nielsen and the industry at large in increasing the impact of connected TV as a vehicle for online marketers in this clip from Video Marketing Power Summit.
How Standardization Will Propel Integrated Cross-Screen Marketing
YuMe VP of Emerging Technology Todd Johnson explains how standardizing on a unified transactional currency will drive adoption of a more integrated approach to cross-screen marketing in this clip from Video Marketing Power Summit.
Do Agencies Creating Cross-Screen Experiences Need a More Integrated Approach?
Trade Desk VP Kathleen Comer discusses the need for agencies to pursue a more integrated organizational structure when developing cross-screen marketing experiences in this clip from Video Marketing Power Summit.
How Connected TV Targeting Measures Actions Responding to Ads
Alphonso's Mark Gall explains how Alphonso measures viewer responses to targeted ads on connected TV programming in this clip from Video Marketing Power Summit 2018.
Overcoming Obstacles: Getting a Handle on Brand Safety, Viewability, and More
A complicated ad-buying system has let bad actors hide and video ad fraud flourish. But TAG's verification and certification programs are bringing relief. In this video, Rachel Nyswander Thomas, SVP of Operations & Policy, TAG, explains how video ad fraud is down 84% for companies using TAG's multi-part certification system.
Connected TV: Where Digital Meets Television
Nielsen VP Eric Ferguson presents new data on connected TV and mobile viewership in this clip from Video Marketing Power Summit 2018.
Video Camera Buying Tips from an Expert
Need a video camera? Go to the experts at B&H. Or watch this video and let a B&H expert come to you.
Learning from the Investment Sites
Are you conveying information in the best possible way in your online videos? In this peer review video, expert Jan Ozer looks at the financial sites, including CNBC,, and the Wall Street Journal, to see how they present their data.
How to Create Perfect Green Screen Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro
Green screen compositing is a popular effect for many web producers, and Premiere Pro's Ultra Key is the easiest to use and most potent green screen effect on the market. In this tutorial, Jan Ozer demonstrates how to apply the key to not one, not two, but three different clips of varying complexity, and how to clean up messy edges with one of Premiere Pro's garbage mattes.
SmartSound Software: Music to Fit Your Marketing Message
Watch this video demo to learn how to create customized, low-priced video soundtracks with SmartSound.
Making Ad-Supported, Independently-Produced Video Profitable
The solution to making your original online videos profitable varies depending on whether you're creating educational or entertainment content. That was one of the lessons learned at the Elevate video advertising summit's panel entitled "Making Ad-Supported, Independently-Produced Video Profitable."
Microphone Basics for Video Cameras and DSLRs
An audio expert from Azden explains the basic types of microphones, as well as why DSLR owners really need to invest in a good mic.
How to Get Your Videos Shared: Advice from an Expert
Social networking is an ideal way to spread the word about your videos, but you've got to know what you're doing. To help you out, we spoke to Frank Sinton, CEO of video sharing site MeFeedia. Sinton knows how to attract attention to videos, and he shares his tips in this video.
Quick and Easy Video Tips from Vimeo
Creating great-looking online videos for your business is as easy as following a few simple guidelines. Here, Vimeo notables Daniel Hayek, Matt Schwarz, and Philip Bloom share their knowledge.
Adobe Media Encoder: Use Maximum Render Quality
The Adobe Media Encoder's Use Maximum Render Quality checkbox can noticeably increase frame clarity and overall output quality. It can also increase rendering time significantly, though GPU-acceleration via an NVIDIA CUDA card and Adobe's Mercury Playback Engine can minimize the extra rendering time. This video shows you how to use this control, compares quality with and without, and discusses NVIDIA-based GPU acceleration.
Boost Your Audio in Adobe Premiere and Audition
There are two techniques you can use to make sure that your audio loud, clear and robust. Normalization increases volume as much as possible without introducing distortion into the file, while compression makes the signal as robust as possible. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to apply normalization in Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere Pro, and how to apply compression in Adobe Audition.
Four Free and Cheap H.264 Video Encoders Compared
For video encoding on a tight budget, Jan Ozer looked at four free or cheap tools for converting video to H.264: Miro Video Converter, HandBreak, MPEG Streamclip, and Apple Compressor 4. Watch the video, because one is clearly a winner.
Shotgun Microphone Test
Jan Ozer tests shotgun microphones in both the left and right audio channels.
Very Mary-Kate Interview
Mary-Kate has conquered the Internet and she's here to bring you advice about being an online video star. Put on your beret, get in your black room, and listen up.
Lavaliere Microphone Test
Jan Ozer tests two lavaliere microphones -- in two audio channels -- in this comparison.
MPEG Streamclip: Trimming without Reencoding
Most streaming producers, at one point or another, wished they had a tool that could trim an encoded file and save the result without re-encoding. This short tutorial demonstrates how to do just that with a free tool called MPEG Streamclip, which is available for both the Mac and Windows platforms.
NewFront 2011: Ashton Kutcher and Isabella Rossellini
Highlights from the on-stage presentations by Ashton Kutcher and Isabella Rossellini at the NewFront 2011 conference.
What Is a NewTek TriCaster?
If you've been hearing great things about the NewTek TriCaster and how easy it makes video production, but you're not sure what it actually is, then view this short video. Dan Ballance, NewTek's director of training worldwide, gives viewers a brief introduction.
Analyze Your Streaming Videos for Free
If you produce streaming media files, you need to know about these two free analysis tools: MediaInfo and Bitrate Viewer. In this video, Jan Ozer shows you the useful info they provide and offers shortcuts for using them effectively.
Creating a Flash Player in Adobe Flash Catalyst
In this tutorial, Jan Ozer walks you through the steps of creating a custom player with Adobe Flash Catalyst, part of Creative Suite 5, and then uploading your video. Flash Catalyst is easy enough for people with no Flash programming experience to use.
What Is an Online Video Platform?
In this original, senior associate editor Troy Dreier interviews Sorenson Media COO Eric Quanstrom about what OVPs can offer small businesses.
What Works in Online Video Comedy?
There's one thing that always works in online video: keeping it short and funny. That's the best way to hold viewers' attention and get them coming back. To learn tips on what works in humorous online videos—and what doesn't—we went to an expert. Mark Douglas is the writer, producer, and star at The Key of Awesome. In this (short) interview, he shares a few things he's learned about making people laugh.
What Is Cloud-Based Video Encoding?
You know that you want your videos to play on every browser and every device, but how do you prepare them for all the bit rates and formats that you need? Hiring an online encoding service is one simple answer. In this video interview, we talk with Jeff Malkin, the president of, about the basics of cloud-based encoding, including what it is, who it's for, and what services are involved.
Interview with VidCompare's Kris Drey
VidCompare's Kris Drey talks about his site, which offers a comparison engine for online video platforms, as well as what he expects to see in coming months in the online video platform space.
How to Get Your Videos on Boxee
In this Interview, Boxee's founder and CEO, Avner Ronen, talks about the launch of the Boxee Box and how content creators can get their work on the Boxee platform.
WebM Encoding Tools Put to the Test
In this video evaluation, Jan Ozer looks at five popular WebM encoders—Miro Video Encoder, Firefogg, Wildfrom Flix WebM, Telestream Episode Pro, and Sorenson Squeeze 7—and shows you why some are quite good and others aren't worth your time. Ozer shows video samples of each so you can judge for yourself.
How to Upload a Video and Embed it on Your Website
You can use free sites like YouTube and Vimeo to host your videos for you, and then embed those videos into the pages of your website. This step-by-step video guides you through the upload process, and then helps you customize the embed code so the final result looks perfect on your site.
What Can P2P Delivery Do for Business?
Peer-to-peer video delivery is cheap, effective, and already in use by several companies. In this video interview, Bram Cohen, creator of BitTorrent, tells you what peer-to-peer is and explains how your company can get started with it.
WatchGuard Peer Review
Jan Ozer's Peer Review of a WatchGuard Technologies case study video.
Posting Videos that Play on the iPad
Three techniques for posting videos that play in Flash on a computer and via HTML5 on your iPad
Creating Online Presentations with Adobe Encore
If you're using Adobe Encore to make DVDs, did you know you can easily turn that same content into interactive Web experiences with little extra effort? Even if you're not making DVDs, Encore is a great tool for delivering online video experiences. In this how-to video, Jan Ozer walks you through the steps.
Encoding Video for YouTube, Vimeo, and other UGC Sites
If you want your videos to look great on user-generated content (UGC) sites like YouTube and Vimeo, you've got to upload high-quality source videos. In this tutorial, Jan Ozer walks you through the steps of encoding your work prior to uploading it. Debuts at Streaming Media East
I caught up with Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, Editor of and the new website, at Streaming Media East to talk about the new site which launched on the eve of the conference on May 11, 2010. The website focuses on hands-on tips and how-to information to help you get the most out of your online video initiative, it's "Streaming Media for the rest of us."
Video in Practice (VIP) Contest
At, we want you to create great-looking videos. But even more than that, we want you to use videos effectively on your site. Tell your message, reach your fans, and sell your products. Online video makes it happen. To reward sites that are using online video well, we've created our own unique contest: the Video in Practice contest.