The Ultimate HTML5 Video Guide

Video Essentials

360° Video Ads Boost Purchase Intent on Mobile and Desktop
March 13, 2018
By Troy Dreier
Snapchat Ad Length: The Average Video Ad Is 8 Seconds Long
March 12, 2018
By Troy Dreier
Facebook Dominates for Video Marketing, Followed by YouTube
March 12, 2018
By Troy Dreier


How Genius Created Brand-Sponsored Live Video Events for Fans
November 29, 2017
By Troy Dreier
How to Incorporate Brand Journalism in an Online Video Strategy
July 25, 2017
By Stjepan Alaupovic



Mobile Mic Shoot-Out: Get the Best Audio for Mobile Recordings
April 18, 2015
By Jan Ozer

Buyer's Guides

Online Video Platforms: How to Pick the Right One for Your Needs
July 16, 2016
By Robert Reinhardt
Video Camera Guide 2016: Pick the Right Camera for the Job
February 7, 2016
By Jan Ozer

Industry Announcements

TwentyThree, The Video Marketing Platform, Announces a Credit Facility to Further Expand its 800% Year-Over-Year Growth in the U.S.
March 16, 2018
Tru Optik and ZypMedia Announce New Partnership to Power Local Market OTT Marketplace for Sinclair Broadcast Group
March 15, 2018
Pixability Unveils Industry’s First Self-Service Software, With Integrated Brand Safety, For Video Advertising on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram
March 14, 2018
Jaguar and EasyJet Launch VR Ads through OmniVirt’s Self-Service Platform
March 13, 2018

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Featured Story

Video Advertising in Europe: Challenges for 2018 and Beyond

While views are surging, measurement, digital ad insertion, and programmatic sales present challenges for video advertising in Europe. Sound familiar?


Video Ad Fraud Rate on the Decline: Down an Average of 31%
On March 15, 2018

It takes a village—or, in this case, all parts of the video ecosystem—but we're seeing real improvement in the video ad fraud rate.

Mid-Roll Ad Impressions Reach 51% on Mobile, Finds Ooyala Report
On March 14, 2018

Viewers often stop playing a video when a pre-roll ad appears, unwilling to sit through it. But they're invested in the show by the time they see a mid-roll ad.

360° Videos Score 46% Better Completion Rates Than Regular Videos
On February 28, 2018

Using an ad offering a 360° VR experience, the marketing team behind 50 Shades Darker got a 10x uplift compared to a control ad.

IAB Names Best Practices for Audience-Based Advanced TV Targeting
On February 22, 2018

A free two-page guide helps educate both buyers and sellers on advanced TV targeting, giving definitions, stats, and best practices.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Exploded in 2017, Doubling in Size
On February 15, 2018

Fashion, beauty, and food brands were the leaders in Instagram influencer marketing last year, often working with young micro-influencers.

JW Player Creates Video Player Bidding, SpotX Exclusive Partner
On February 15, 2018

Publishers can maximize their sales, says JW Player of its new programmatic video solution, while advertisers can reach a premium audience.

SuperAwesome Steps In to Guarantee Kid Safety to YouTube
On February 13, 2018

If YouTube can't bring order to its own community, maybe another group can. SuperAwesome unveils a certification that protects creators and brands.

SpotX and Smartclip Announce First Phase of Merger Is Complete
On February 8, 2018

With bases in the U.S. and Europe, SpotX and Smartclip have taken the first step to becoming a global company that can better compete at scale.