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Video Essentials

DMEXCO ’17: Hulu Contrasts Old Way/New Way of TV Marketing
September 14, 2017
By Troy Dreier
DMEXCO ’17: 3 Ways Brands Can Embrace Instagram Stories
September 14, 2017
By Troy Dreier
DMEXCO ’17: What Brands Need to Know About Video Influencers
September 13, 2017
By Troy Dreier


How to Incorporate Brand Journalism in an Online Video Strategy
July 25, 2017
By Stjepan Alaupovic
How to Deliver the Right Videos to the Right Viewers
March 23, 2017
By Troy Dreier



Mobile Mic Shoot-Out: Get the Best Audio for Mobile Recordings
April 18, 2015
By Jan Ozer

Buyer's Guides

Online Video Platforms: How to Pick the Right One for Your Needs
July 16, 2016
By Robert Reinhardt
Video Camera Guide 2016: Pick the Right Camera for the Job
February 7, 2016
By Jan Ozer

Industry Announcements

ViralGains Attracts $13.5 Million Series B to Accelerate Growth of Industry’s Only Ad Journey Platform
September 25, 2017
The Future of TV is Connected: YuMe Launches Cross-Platform Connected TV SDK
September 25, 2017
Lotame Announces aiTV Suite to Bring Audience Intelligence to Television & Video
September 25, 2017
Major Brands are launching AR Marketing campaigns with OmniVirt
September 15, 2017

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Featured Story

The Measurement Gap: Millennial Viewing Isn’t Being Captured

The new lost generation is only lost to advertisers. Younger adults are shunning traditional TV for online streaming, and measurement hasn't yet caught up.


DMEXCO ’17: ComScore Offers Free Viewability Measurement, Again
On September 14, 2017

In only five minutes, any advertiser can use ComScore's free self-service tools to track campaign viewability. It announced the service already back in April, but this time it means it.

Pre-DMEXCO Forecast: Online Video Driving Ad Industry Growth
On September 12, 2017

It's a great time to be in online video marketing and advertising, as brands increasingly see its value and plan combined TV/online video campaigns.

Brand Safety: Don’t Just Take YouTube’s Word for It—Verify It
On September 9, 2017

YouTube's brand safety scare might be over, but brands still need to be vigilant. OpenSlate is offering an independent third-party YouTube verification service.

Marketers Discover the Power of Personal Stories at Podcast Upfront
On September 7, 2017

The podcast medium is all about personal stories, so for brands trying to tell their own stories and connect with consumers it's a dream come true.

Auto-Play Heyday: Over 60% of Publishers Auto-Play Most Video Ads
On September 6, 2017

The use of auto-play on video ads is common across media companies, although upcoming moves from Google and Apple promise to return control to the viewers.

Facebook, YouTube, FB Messenger the Most Used Mobile Apps
On August 24, 2017

Mobile apps are far more popular than the mobile web, and millennials spend a huge amount of time on their phones. A ComScore report provides a deep dive on mobile app activity.

AdColony Sees Big Numbers for Aurora Interactive Mobile Video Ads
On August 23, 2017

Brands win when ads are fun, clickable, and surprising. AdColony's Aurora HD Video format lead to significant gains for three mobile advertisers.

Facebook Shows First-Ever Decline With Teens and Tweens
On August 21, 2017

Admit it, teens: You've turned away from Facebook because your parents (and even grandparents) are on it, right? It's hard to keep things private on the world's biggest social network.

Facebook Lures TV Advertisers With Option to Buy In-Stream Spots
On August 20, 2017

Advertisers are no longer locked into buying Newsfeed spots when they really only want in-stream placement on Facebook's growing collection of long-form premium content.

Apple and Facebook Create Streaming TV; Will Advertisers Bite?
On August 18, 2017

TV ad budgets are proving to a major incentive for these two digital powerhouses. Apple and Facebook want their piece of the pie, but first they need to create original shows that millennials can't stop watching.

It’s a Big Deal: Nielsen Counts YouTube, Facebook, Hulu Views
On August 15, 2017

As multiplatform viewing has surged forward, reliable metrics have struggled to keep up. But a change at Nielsen means big gains for publishers and advertisers, alike.