The Ultimate HTML5 Video Guide

Video Essentials

Mindshare Explains How to Close a Sale With Online Video
August 15, 2014
By Troy Dreier
How Do Shoppers Use Online Videos? Invodo Crunches the Numbers
August 13, 2014
By Troy Dreier
6 Ways to Wake Up Sales Operations with Online Video: uStudio
August 12, 2014
By Troy Dreier


How to Make Great Enterprise Video With Google Glass
April 28, 2014
By Scott Lawson
How to Turn Your CEO Into an Online Video Spokesperson
March 23, 2014
By Don Willmott



Discover Wistia, an OVP That Specializes in Video Marketing
January 23, 2014
By Jan Ozer

Buyer's Guides

Streaming Camera Guide 2014: How to Choose Your Next Camera
July 22, 2014
By Jan Ozer
Buyer’s Guide: Captioning Services for Online Videos
March 18, 2014
By Paul Riismandel

Industry Announcements

World Cup Increases Branded Video Viewership by 16 Percent in Q2 2014
July 31, 2014
YuMe Launches Ngage Interactive Ad Unit Globally Across All Screens for Applebee’s
July 24, 2014
Tubular Labs Unveils Brand Intelligence Dashboard
July 24, 2014
Vidyard Enables Marketers to Create Custom-Branded Video Channel Experiences
June 30, 2014

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Featured Story

2 Best Practices for Branded Video Success

What works on television probably isn't going to work online. To reach the online viewer, brands need to create videos of varying lengths that people want to share.


Where the Viewers Are, Where the Ads Are: FreeWheel Q2 ’14 Report
On August 16, 2014

Sports fans are increasingly looking online for live event coverage, and advertisers have noticed. Ad views for live sports are up 201%.

Veenome Tames the Wild West of YouTube, Assures Brand Safety
On August 11, 2014

Brands want to advertise to YouTube's young demographic, but don't want their ads on untrusted sites. Veenome's quality rating may hold the answer.

YouTube Makes Business Video Creation App Directr Even Better
On August 9, 2014

Directr is an incredibly useful app for making business videos in minutes. YouTube just acquired the company, and will make the Directr app free to use.

Fast Company Looks at Brand-Building With YouTube’s Biggest Names
On August 7, 2014

YouTube's stars have polished their brands and grown their audiences, and now they're ready to make some money with corporate sponsorships.

Consumers Crave Videos, But Brands Aren’t Creating Them: Report
On August 6, 2014

There's a giant missed opportunity here, says Levels Beyond. Online videos aren't a priority for brands, even though viewers love to watch and share them.

Ramp Lets Video Marketers Create Hubs, Measure Viewer Activity
On July 24, 2014

It's not enough to upload videos and hope they succeed with viewers, says Ramp. It's new offering lets marketers use integrated calls-to-action and track results.

WeVideo Intros Video Production Plan Targeted to Small Businesses
On July 16, 2014

Collaborate on videos in the cloud and then do more with the finished products. WeVideo offers a cloud-based ecosystem for small biz.

The 2014 Reel Video Summit Is Coming: Here’s Why You Should Go
On July 14, 2014

For companies serious about online video marketing, the Reel Video Summit is a must-attend. That's why is proud to be a media partner.

YouTube Announces Playlist Improvements and More
On July 2, 2014

Look for attractive on-screen annotations, thousands of royalty-free sound effects, and much more coming to YouTube in the next few months.

Online Video Contest Highlights Importance of Ad Viewability Standards
On June 13, 2014

Brand advertisers are getting billed for ads that have no change of being seen by a viewer. A contest tries to build enthusiasm for the issue of ad viewability.

PopSugar Study Reveals What Women Want in Online Video
On June 12, 2014

Female online video viewers respond best to videos that teach something useful and entertain while they're doing it.