The Ultimate HTML5 Video Guide

Video Essentials

Today’s Measurement Challenges Are Bigger Than Any One Company
October 18, 2017
By Troy Dreier
For Brands of Any Size, YouTube Creators Site Offers Helpful Tips
October 14, 2017
By Troy Dreier
Rewards Matter: Consumers Like Video Ads Best When Rewarded
October 9, 2017
By Troy Dreier


How to Incorporate Brand Journalism in an Online Video Strategy
July 25, 2017
By Stjepan Alaupovic
How to Deliver the Right Videos to the Right Viewers
March 23, 2017
By Troy Dreier



Mobile Mic Shoot-Out: Get the Best Audio for Mobile Recordings
April 18, 2015
By Jan Ozer

Buyer's Guides

Online Video Platforms: How to Pick the Right One for Your Needs
July 16, 2016
By Robert Reinhardt
Video Camera Guide 2016: Pick the Right Camera for the Job
February 7, 2016
By Jan Ozer

Industry Announcements

Vertebrae Launches Mobile Web AR Advertising Suite Unlocking Immersive Marketing Opportunities for Brands Across Industries
October 17, 2017
Trade Association Chiefs Asks Coalition for Better Ads to Establish Industry-Wide Compliance Program to Improve User Experience Across the Ad-Supported Internet
October 12, 2017
Teads Expands Video Offering with Launch of inRead 3D
October 4, 2017
TVadSync Unveils Real-Time TV Ad Re-Targeting for Marketers, Enabled by Centro
October 2, 2017

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Featured Story

VR Ads Show Huge Product Recall Numbers, Finds YuMe Study

In a real-world test of video gamers, YuMe found that VR ads were remembered at a high rate, with VR pre-rolls showing strong aided recall performance.


Nielsen Offers Netflix Ratings, a True Online Video Game-Changer
On October 19, 2017

After what feels like an eternity, Nielsen is finally measuring and selling Netflix ratings. Hulu and Amazon will follow. Is this the ratings transparency the industry has been waiting for?

Magisto: US Businesses Will Spend $135B on Online Video This Year
On October 18, 2017

Video marketing is growing at a rapid rate and it has a budget to match. A Magisto report dives into the numbers and finds an average spend of $20,000.

Wicket Labs Scorecards Measure and Predict Video Customers
On October 16, 2017

With so many distribution methods and even more viewing platforms, getting video viewer data is a chore. Wicket Labs pulls it all together.

Time Inc.’s Proprietary Native Video Ads Adapt to Any Device
On October 12, 2017

By building Adapt Video, a flexible ad format, on top of DoubleClick's framework, Time Inc. is creating new revenue opportunities and giving viewers a full-screen experience.

Streaming Video CTV Ads Found Less Annoying Than Broadcast Spots
On October 11, 2017

Reaching viewers when they're in a receptive state of mind means reaching them on connected TV. Viewers find CTV ads are tolerated better than broadcast TV spots.

When Titans Fight: Amazon Takes on YouTube for Video Ad Dollars
On October 10, 2017

YouTube is the undeniable leading video destination, but Amazon sees a weakness. By offering brand safety and detailed shopping metrics, it hopes to lure advertisers away.

Mid-Roll Video Ad Completion Nearly 100%, Finds FreeWheel Report
On October 2, 2017

Even among strong premium video ad completion rates, this stat stands out. And the rate for live video mid-rolls is nearly as strong.

DMEXCO ’17: ComScore Offers Free Viewability Measurement, Again
On September 14, 2017

In only five minutes, any advertiser can use ComScore's free self-service tools to track campaign viewability. It announced the service already back in April, but this time it means it.