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Video Essentials

Achieve Brand Success With Snapchat: Experts Offer Tips at VidCon
June 24, 2016
By Troy Dreier
5 Ways Marketers Can Best Leverage Live Online Video: VidCon
June 23, 2016
By Troy Dreier
Today’s Biggest Video Marketing Challenge Is Form vs. Function
June 21, 2016
By Nadine Krefetz


How to Use Trending Topics and Events to Inspire Online Videos
May 22, 2016
By Stjepan Alaupovic
How to Target Your Audience By Creating Niche Video Content
February 27, 2016
By Stjepan Alaupovic



Mobile Mic Shoot-Out: Get the Best Audio for Mobile Recordings
April 18, 2015
By Jan Ozer

Buyer's Guides

Video Camera Guide 2016: Pick the Right Camera for the Job
February 7, 2016
By Jan Ozer
Buyer’s Guide: Cloud-Based Video Encoding and Transcoding
April 2, 2015
By Jan Ozer

Industry Announcements Launches New Platform to Expand Reach of YouTube Creators to Amazon
June 23, 2016
HIRO Announces New Innovative Programmatic Ad Filtering Solution
June 21, 2016
Condé Nast Introduces Condé Nast Spire, a Groundbreaking New Data Offering Harnessing the Company’s One Trillion Monthly Data Points
June 21, 2016
Slidely Partners With Getty Images to Democratize Social Media Video Advertising
June 16, 2016

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Featured Story

VR and Brands: Be Willing to Experiment, Willing to Fail

This is a new area, but brands are lining up to create virtual reality experiences. What works and what doesn't? The rules are still being created.


YouTube Launches Brand Certification Program at VidCon and Cannes
On June 23, 2016

Agencies can get up to speed on influencer marketing and creating effective video content from the online video leader, itself.

Vidyard Launches Engage, an Easy Tool for Email Video Marketing
On June 20, 2016

With Vidyard Engage, attaching videos to an email is as simple as attaching documents. The tool's viewing data shows which recipients are paying attention.

Ad Completion Rates Are High Across the Board, Finds FreeWheel
On June 17, 2016

Whether the ad is short or long, or the content is live or on-demand, viewers almost always watch the full spot. It's still important to match the ad type with the content, though.

YouTube Introduces Power Tools for Small Biz Video Marketing
On June 16, 2016

Called YouTube Director, the program offers a free template-driven app for creating ads, and will even send a video professional out for a minimum commitment.

Wistia Introduces Vulcan, a More Social Online Video Player
On June 14, 2016

Customers will stream long and prosper with Vulcan, a modern, responsive, and lightweight video player. Here are a few ways it keeps viewers happy.

Engagement Labs Gives a Social Report Card to Video Streamers
On June 8, 2016

Want to keep online viewers loyal, happy, and coming back for more? Develop an engaging social media strategy that creates a dialog with customers.

ComScore Highlights Problems With Invalid Traffic and Viewability
On June 1, 2016

In the U.S., only 41 percent of desktop video ads are viewable. Invalid traffic resulting from programmatic ad buying is causing real problems for advertisers, a report says.

OgilvyOne Says Premium Online Video Is a Short-Term Strategy
On May 27, 2016

Publishers are investing in premium online video in hopes of luring TV ad dollars, but premium video by itself isn't enough. Where is the audience development?

Millennial Marketers More Likely to Use Online Video, Says Report
On May 26, 2016

When it comes to SMB marketing, much depends on the age of the marketer. Millennials are much more likely to use social platforms and online video, finds Magisto.

Premium Non-Broadcaster Video Driving the Rush to Programmatic
On May 25, 2016

In its 2016 State of the Media Industry report, Ooyala finds that private programmatic marketplaces and native ads are taking off, but, unfortunately, so are ad blockers.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Adds Virtual Reality Video Support
On May 17, 2016

Create immersive spaces for viewers to inhabit, but don't forget the brand support: Adobe's VR tools let marketers know exactly where viewers are looking in virtual video.