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Video Essentials

Embrace Experimentation During Addressable TV’s Early Days
December 6, 2018
By Troy Dreier
Influencer Marketing Mistakes: 6 Easy Ways to Do It Wrong
December 5, 2018
By Troy Dreier
Pay Attention: Can Marketers Be Sure Consumers Are Watching?
December 4, 2018
By Troy Dreier


How Marketers and Advertisers Can Build a Culture of Creativity
July 29, 2018
By Troy Dreier
How to Do YouTube Influencer Video Marketing the Right Way
July 6, 2018
By Troy Dreier



Mobile Mic Shoot-Out: Get the Best Audio for Mobile Recordings
April 18, 2015
By Jan Ozer

Buyer's Guides

Online Video Platforms: How to Pick the Right One for Your Needs
July 16, 2016
By Robert Reinhardt
Video Camera Guide 2016: Pick the Right Camera for the Job
February 7, 2016
By Jan Ozer

Industry Announcements

Zype Announces Server-Side Ad Insertion as Part of its Complete Solution for Managing, Distributing and Monetizing Sports Video
December 10, 2018
App-Ads.Txt Released for Public Comment by IAB Tech Lab as Next Step to Fight Digital Advertising Inventory Fraud
November 30, 2018
Advertisers Experiencing YouTube Success With VuePlanner
November 30, 2018
Yospace achieves breakthrough in reducing ad load for OTT
November 29, 2018

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Featured Story

Unlock Untapped YouTube Targeting

Turn YouTube viewers into customers. Here are four ways to capture actively engaged lean-forward search users and unlock the power of search targeting.


Advanced TV Attribution Now on Par With Digital, Says FreeWheel
On December 3, 2018

A report designed to ease marketers into advanced TV attribution explains different models and highlights success strategies.

Omnichannel Marketing Has Doubled in the Last 4 Years: Report
On November 30, 2018

Combining live linear TV ad views with OTT has a synergistic effect, says the VAB in a report on the benefits of omnichannel marketing.

MediaTek and A+E Join Nielsen’s Dynamic Ad Insertion Pilot
On November 29, 2018

With participation from connected TV platform MediaTek and A+E channels, Nielsen is able to offer a full ecosystem in its DAI trial.

Conviva Buys Delmondo, Expands Measurement to Social Platforms
On November 28, 2018

Streaming TV measurement specialist Conviva adds social platform measurement to its portfolio, creating a multiplatform suite.

RhythmOne Offering More Ways to Reach Connected TV Viewers
On November 27, 2018

When cord-cutters stream from ad-free online services, how can marketers reach them? Through their on-screen menus, RhythmOne says.

Socialive Studio Brings Live Video to Owned and Operated Sites
On November 13, 2018

Video streaming service Socialive debuts a new offering letting brands stream live video to their own sites, as well as their social channels.

Exclusive: IAB Tech Lab Publishes Final Version of VAST 4.1 Spec
On November 8, 2018

After sifting through an unprecedented amount of public comments, the IAB Tech Lab has released the final version of VAST 4.1.

The 30-Second Ad Makes a Comeback, Now 55% of All Video Ad Views
On November 5, 2018

Thanks to the rise of living room streaming of premium content, marketers enjoy high completion rates on their 30-second ad breaks.