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Don’t Skip This: 3 Video Trends Publishers Need to Know Now

The end of skippable video ads is on the horizon, while publishers look to outstream ads to grow premium inventory. Here are three trends that will shape the future of online video advertising.


Over 90% of Native Ad Publishers Saw Revenue Increase Last Year
On April 21, 2017

Publishers are trying to move metrics away from clicks, showing that native ads benefit brands through added exposure, shows Q1 study.

Department of Irony: Google Chrome Getting a Built-In Ad-Blocker
On April 20, 2017

Be afraid, video marketers. Auto-playing video are one of the most annoying, most loathed types of ads, and soon Google Chrome might block them by default.

MediaMath Says ‘Programmatic Brand Safety or You Don’t Pay’
On April 17, 2017

Programmatic's advances could be swept away if providers can't show they're serious about brand safety. One marketplace backs up its promises with credits.

Online Video Ad Views Grew by 24% in 2016, Says FreeWheel Report
On April 13, 2017

Led by strong sports streaming, online video saw big increases in content and ad views last year. But publishers need to figure out the optimal ad load or risk alienating viewers.

Brandlive Makes Live Video Easier to Create, Provides More Data
On April 13, 2017

The live streaming platform just for brands takes the wraps off a new version. Brands will benefit from an improved dashboard, richer analytics, and the ability to simulcast to social platforms.

Stand Tall: Viral Videos Get Their Own Programmatic Ad Exchange
On April 11, 2017

Millennials love their devices, viewing more mobile videos every day. Now, advertisers can buy spots on a programmatic vertical video exchange through 150 DSPs.

With Real-Time Dashboard, ThinkAnalytics Offers KPIs, Viewer Data
On April 11, 2017

ThinkInsight, a new modular platform from ThinkAnalytics, aims to give marketers and content providers an up-to-the-minute view of customer behavior.

70% of Video Ads Labeled In-Stream Are Actually in-Banner: Study
On April 6, 2017

One is a premium placement, while the other is a distraction. Many marketers think they're getting center column treatment but aren't, finds Rocket Fuel and IAS.

In a World of Online Video Ad Uncertainty, Roku Offers Guarantees
On April 6, 2017

The top streaming TV device wants to help marketers plan campaigns across traditional and online platforms, so it's offering comparable Nielsen metrics.

Video Ad Viewability Rises From 40% to 58% By the End of 2016
On March 29, 2017

Viewability for video ads is higher than for display, but the area's high CPM rates make it an attractive area for fraud, notes an Integral Ad Science report.

83% of Viewers Skip Online Video Ads When They Can, Says Deloitte
On March 29, 2017

Online video viewers will skip ads when they get the chance, but half pay more attention to ads they can skip than those they can't.