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Video Essentials

3 Trends That Defined Social Video Marketing in 2014
December 15, 2014
By Troy Dreier
Learn the Hero, Hub, Hygiene Strategy to Build YouTube Channels
December 13, 2014
By Brendan Gahan
What BMW and Ford Understand About Online Video
December 12, 2014
By Troy Dreier


How to Work With an Ad Agency to Create Brand Online Videos
November 15, 2014
By Don Willmott
How to Create and Market a Video-Based Online Course
September 3, 2014
By Jan Ozer



Discover Wistia, an OVP That Specializes in Video Marketing
January 23, 2014
By Jan Ozer

Buyer's Guides

Streaming Camera Guide 2014: How to Choose Your Next Camera
July 22, 2014
By Jan Ozer
Buyer’s Guide: Captioning Services for Online Videos
March 18, 2014
By Paul Riismandel

Industry Announcements

Bulldog Digital Media creates exchange program –Allowing brands to participate in numerous music festivals throughout the season
November 11, 2014
World Cup Increases Branded Video Viewership by 16 Percent in Q2 2014
July 31, 2014
YuMe Launches Ngage Interactive Ad Unit Globally Across All Screens for Applebee’s
July 24, 2014
Tubular Labs Unveils Brand Intelligence Dashboard
July 24, 2014

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Featured Story

Viewability Rates About More Than Inventory Quality: Videology

While the video marketing industry finally has a standard for ad viewability, a Videology study finds that advanced targeting is crucial for high view rates.


2015 Will Be a Year of Transition for Ad Viewability, Says IAB
On December 17, 2014

While there is now a viewability standard for display and video ads, don't expect full 100% viewability from the start.

Brands Are Embracing Online Video Advertising, Notes MediaRadar
On December 10, 2014

A marketing study shows which verticals are investing the most in online video, and which video lengths are the clear favorites.

Walmart Was King of Black Friday, Says Pixability, and Here’s Why
On December 6, 2014

The bargain big box retailer drove 39 million views on YouTube by using a smart strategy that offered instructive content and pushed subscriptions.

‘First Kiss’ Is the Most Viewed Online Video Campaign of 2014
On December 5, 2014

A simple black and white video that showed 10 couples kissing for the first time was 2014's top online video campaign.

Activia Crowned as the Most-Shared Online Video Brand of 2014
On December 4, 2014

Shakira and Activia partnered on a World Cup ad that became not only the most-shared ad of the year, but also the most-shared ad of all time.

Dollar Shave Club: The Online Viral Video Success Steps to TV
On November 12, 2014

What does a company do after it creates one of the viral video world's biggest hits? If you're Dollar Shave Club, you take your next campaign to TV.

Branded Video Views Grow 73% in a Year: Visible Measures Report
On November 6, 2014

Electronics companies came out on top this quarter. Learn which branded video campaign drew 49 million views in one quarter alone.

Vimeo’s Video Translation Tools Are a Help for Global Brands
On November 5, 2014

For brands that want to reach customers around the world, adding foreign language subtitles or captions just got a whole lot easier.

Instagram Now Accepting 15-Second Video Ads—With Conditions
On November 4, 2014

Video ads have finally come to the popular social networking site, but they'll need to fit the format if they're going to be welcomed.

Honda to Use Vine Videos for Halloween Trick-or-Treating
On October 30, 2014

When costumed characters come knocking (via Twitter), Honda will respond with Vine videos and a link for a sweet treat.

Video Campaigns Are Going Multiscreen, Finds Videology Report
On October 28, 2014

Viewers are glued to mobile devices, and connected TVs are coming on strong, so advertisers can't stick with purely desktop campaigns.