Facebook Hits YouTube in the Wallet: Offers Ad Revenue Sharing

In an effort to get major publishers uploading their videos, Facebook offers partners a 55/45 ad revenue split. Also, Facebook creates a Suggested Videos feed.

YouTube Identifies 5 Traits of Highly Successful Video Ads

After a decade as the internet’s leading video destination, YouTube has learned a few things about making ads that people want to watch, re-watch, and share.

Beauty Videos Skyrocket, and Brands Race to Catch Their Audience

Thanks to Pixability’s 2014 beauty video report, beauty brands increased their investment in YouTube advertising. But the 2015 report is out and there’s more work to be done.

Yahoo Brings Third-Party Verification to Viewability Measurements

While YouTube and Facebook don’t yet offer independent verification, Yahoo makes news. Will brands line up to advertise on Yahoo?

Influencer Marketing Drives Brand Results on Multiple Platforms

Working with popular online video stars is the secret to engaging with millennials, and now influencer video marketing is spreading beyond YouTube.

YouTube Adds Click-to-Purchase Shopping Links to TrueView Ads

Consumers go to YouTube to research products, but search engines when they’re ready to buy. A new offering from YouTube aims to change that.

Who Do You Trust? Survey Finds Online Video the Most Persuasive

Consumers in the U.K. overwhelmingly trust online video product and service reviews over those in other media, and YouTube is the leading destination.