The Essential Guide to Video Hosting: What Companies Need to Know

Should your brand upload videos to a free site (such as YouTube), use a fully-featured online video platform, or go with a lower-cost hybrid service?

Vimeo Updates Pro Plan With More Storage, Unlimited HD Playback

Companies looking for professional online video playback now have even more reasons to love Vimeo Pro, which is still $199 per year.

Animoto Partners with Vimeo for Pro Premium Plan

Companies get easy video creation, a variety of advanced features, and a Vimeo Pro account with the new Animoto plan.

Vimeo Connects Brands and Video Creators with Brand Creative Fund

Brands get creative, fresh visions and creators get paid — and a little something for their portfolios — thanks to Vimeo.

Keep it in Focus: Video 101

No matter the camera you’re using, your company’s videos need to be crystal clear. Learn to quickly set the focus on video cameras, DSLRs, point-and-shoot cameras, and even smartphones.

Understanding Jump Cuts: Video 101

What are jump cuts? When should you use them? When should you avoid them? Jump into this lesson to find out.

Vimeo Tool Makes it Easy to Add the Perfect ‘Looks’ to Videos

Play with different effects, then add just the right filter to create the mood you want. Vimeo offers free Looks for the next 90 days.