Video Marketing Power Summit

Mixed Reality Glasses Are Coming, and So Are a New Type of Ads

Today’s VR gaming headsets will give way to lightweight mixed reality glasses that allow for improved location-based advertising.

Multi-Platform Marketing: Does the Concept or Channel Come First?

So many video channels available, but where do begin? Hear two multi-platform marketing pros explain how they start a campaign.

Influencer Marketing Secrets: How to Keep the Talent On-Message

When working with influencers, combine entertainment and information to keep them on message. Read on for other influencer marketing secrets.

Ads in AR, VR, and 360: How Many Will Viewers Tolerate?

Not all immersive video experiences serve the same purpose. To understand what ads viewers tolerate, consider how different content is watched.

360 Video Experiences: Show the Audience Something Fresh

When creating VR, AR, or 360 video experiences, publishers can’t rely on the tech alone. They need to find events that are a perfect match.

360 Video: Impress With Quality Over Quantity, Says Meredith

Does that VR or 360 video project pass the OMG test? If not, it’s not worth doing says one Emmy award-winning digital producer.

VR/AR/360 Production: Making the Case Inside an Organization

Sure, VR/AR/360 production would be fun to integrate in a marketing campaign, but it’s too costly, right? Actually, it doesn’t have to be.