Solution Guide Helps CMOs Find Balance Between TV and Digital

Rather than seeing TV and online video as enemies, see them as partners. A report that surveys top brand CMOs offers a plan for using both together.

Online Video Advertising Is Going Mainstream: BrightRoll Survey

Once a niche offering, online video ads are now standard practice. What’s more 72% of agencies see them as equal to or more effective than TV ads.

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Animoto Survey Shows the Value of Online Business Videos

Shoppers look to online videos when researching products, then they look again to understand how to use those products once they’ve brought them home.

Webcasting Survey: Ease-of-Use and Video Are Crucial

A TalkPoint survey points the way to creating engaging webcasts: Having an interesting speaker and offering best practices are great ways to start.

Video Succeeds in Email Marketing: 6 Out of 10 Marketers Use It

Not only do 60 percent of marketing pros use videos in campaigns, but 60 percent believe it leads to higher sales from the recipients.

On-Location? Animation? How Marketers Are Creating Online Video

In this second look at the Web Video Marketing Council’s recent report, we examine how marketers create online videos and where they use them.