Why Brands Should Focus on Storytelling With Online Video

Today’s viewers don’t want another slick sales pitch or celebrity endorsement. They want products they feel good about buying. Storytelling lets brands connect in a meaningful way.

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The 6 Cs of Online Video Storytelling

Customers respond to stories, so here are the essential elements brands need to use to connect with those viewers, as well as the tools they should use to do it.

Five Storytelling Tips to Make Your Online Videos More Effective

If you really want to connect with your customers, skip the product demos and tell them a story, one that they can relate to.

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For marketers getting started with online video, startup costs can be surprisingly low. Also, the three elements to include in your video to make them truly engaging.

Adobe Story Leaves Creative Suite Behind

Online tool lets video makers write and format scripts, and it’s no longer tied to Adobe’s Creative Suite.