Mobile Video Ads See Triple-Digit Growth in First Half of 2016

For the first time, mobile ads took in more revenue than search ads. Desktop video was the only desktop category to show strong growth.

5 Ways to Get Paid on YouTube: Ramping Up the Revenue Streams

If your channel has a sizable audience, it’s time to monetize it. We break down the 5 ways successful channels can turn their popularity into cold hard cash.

Facebook Hits YouTube in the Wallet: Offers Ad Revenue Sharing

In an effort to get major publishers uploading their videos, Facebook offers partners a 55/45 ad revenue split. Also, Facebook creates a Suggested Videos feed.

Online Video Ad Revenue Grows to $1.5B in First Half of 2014

While mobile advertising showed huge growth this period, video ad growth shows that people enjoy watching videos on a variety of screens.

The Three Things People Will Pay for in Online Video

Free content is the most popular option, but it’s not the only option. Cisco found three elements that matter to online viewers.

How to Make a Living on YouTube

A Streaming Media West panel of experts explained the mindset, dedication, and partnerships needed for YouTube success. Launches in Beta, Lets Anyone Sell Online Video Views

Content owners can set a price, then embed and sell their work on any page.