Instagram Influencer Marketing Exploded in 2017, Doubling in Size

Fashion, beauty, and food brands were the leaders in Instagram influencer marketing last year, often working with young micro-influencers.

Cross-Screen Advertising an Essential to Reach Viewers: Survey

Both ad buyers and sellers stand to benefit with an audience-based cross-screen advertising model, says a SpotX report.

Influencer Marketing Mistakes: Poor Compensation Tops the List

Keep the talent happy and avoid influencer marketing mistakes: 20 percent of influencers receive giveaways instead of money.

The Top 5 Ways Publishers Use Influencer Marketing: IAB Report

It’s about more than just moving products. When publishers offer influencer marketing partnerships to their agency clients, they help themselves in five different ways.

Live Video Most Often Used to Deepen Interaction With Viewers

While on-demand videos are great for building awareness, demonstrating a feature, or solving common problems, live video is best for creating a bond with consumers.

Facebook Watch Platform Shows Strong Early Usage: Morgan Stanley

Facebook Watch is a hit with many of the platform’s members, but it’s young adults who are racking up the most significant viewing times.

Creative Assets Workflow Inefficiencies Plague Video Advertisers

Why, in the days of cross-screen hyper targeting, does the creative assets workflow lag so far behind? An Extreme Research study looks for answers.