People Have Watched Your Company’s Online Video — Now What?

When customers watch one of your videos, that should be the start of a journey, not the end. The CEO of Ramp explains how to provide that next step for viewers to follow.

Ramp Lets Video Marketers Create Hubs, Measure Viewer Activity

It’s not enough to upload videos and hope they succeed with viewers, says Ramp. It’s new offering lets marketers use integrated calls-to-action and track results.

Older Videos Can Bring in Big Traffic: Here’s How

It’s all about context. If you’ve got a library of older videos online, don’t wait for people to find them. Instead, find ways to make those videos relevant.

Video Metadata: The Key to Discoverability and Much More

Before search engines can link to your videos, they need to know what those videos are all about. That’s where video metadata comes in.