Brand Safety: Don’t Just Take YouTube’s Word for It—Verify It

YouTube’s brand safety scare might be over, but brands still need to be vigilant. OpenSlate is offering an independent third-party YouTube verification service.

On YouTube, Young Men Watch Mars and Young Women Watch Venus

Young men watch a whole lot of gaming videos and young women watch just as much beauty and style. Brands need to know where their target demos are, OpenSlate says.

YouTube’s Long Tail: More Ad-Supported Channels, Fewer Viewers

There are now four times as many ad-supported channels on YouTube as there were a year ago. While that should be a bonanza for brand marketers, few of them attract significant views.

YouTube Video Marketing: 10 Companies That Are Getting it Right

Need inspiration? Look to the YouTube channels of these 10 companies. They’re creating engaging videos, offering free advice, and getting viewers to subscribe.