The Dos and Don’ts of Interactive Video Marketing

Keep viewers engaged and watching longer by offering interactive video. Here’s how to do it the smart way, and pitfalls marketers should avoid.

The Super Bowl Goes Multiscreen: Ads Stream to Internet Viewers

Something different is happening with this year’s Super Bowl, and Adobe thinks it’s a major pivot point: Many viewers will stream the game, and they’ll see the same ads as broadcast viewers.

Online Video Ads Drive Away Millennial Viewers, Says Limelight

When publishers put video ads in front of programming or put too many ads within a show, many people—young viewers especially—will turn away.

Vice Advises Major Brands on How to Market to Millennials

He may not be a millennial, but Vice CEO Shane Smith knows how to communicate with them. The best choice is often the simplest.

70% of Millennials Watch Videos When Shopping for Products Online

Young adults would rather watch a video than read text, and they use those videos to inform every part of the purchase cycle.

Revolt Offers 7 Rules for Engaging with Millennials

Think you know what young adults respond to in brand marketing? Revolt has surveyed young people, and found they value experimentation, honesty, and YouTube.

Online Video Is the Key to Reaching Millennials, Says ComScore

They don’t watch TV on a broadcast schedule, they skip ads, and they want to view content on their own time. Targeted online video advertising is the way to go.