3 Tips Marketers Need to Know to Create an Effective Video Strategy

Do your video marketing campaigns include both in-stream and rich media ads? If not, you’re missing out. Here are three tips for matching campaign goals with video assets.

AOL Says Online Video Advertising Growing at Expense of TV Ads

Online video ad budgets are shifting upwards, and the funds are coming from TV ad budgets, says AOL’s State of the Video Industry report for 2015.

Is There a Measurement Gap? Many B2Bs Don’t Measure Video Results

For a video marketing strategy to be effective, marketers need to measure what works and link results to a marketing system. As Demand Metric and Vidyard show, many companies don’t go far enough with measurements.

Beauty Videos Are Hugely Persuasive to Buyers, Finds Survey

A survey commissioned by BuzzMyVideos finds that U.K. consumers watch a lot of online beauty videos, and those videos often lead to purchases.

Global Report Shows What Video Ad Types Get the Best Reactions

Autoplay, skippable, and click-to-play video ads all present different challenges for marketers. Millward Brown’s AdReaction study explains what works in different video ad formats.

Influencer Marketing: Why Brands Should Take a Holistic Approach

When searching for the perfect influencer to partner with for an online video campaign, look for someone cutting-edge and film their honest reactions.

Study Results Show How to Best Engage Video Viewers on Twitter

Social media marketing comes with its own set of best practices. A joint study from Ace Metrix and Twitter shows the common traits that top-performing Twitter video ads share.