YouTube Adds Click-to-Purchase Shopping Links to TrueView Ads

Consumers go to YouTube to research products, but search engines when they’re ready to buy. A new offering from YouTube aims to change that.

The 6 Key Players Vital to a Successful Online Video Strategy

When each of these players takes part in creating a strategy, your company’s videos will find their audience, deliver useful information, and build your brand.

56% of Consumers Say Companies With Websites Should Have Video

Animoto’s study on consumer video expectations finds that shoppers rely on product videos when making a purchase and share favorites on Facebook.

Online Video Is Key for Marketing to Young Adult Cord-Cutters

There are now 17 million 18- to 34-year-old cord-cutters and cord-nevers in the U.S. They don’t like cable, but they do like online video.

Digitas Survey: Online Video Budgets Up, Yet ROI Concerns Remain

A survey of senior-level brand decision makers found that they see value in online video marketing, yet have a hard time justifying the costs.

YouTube Brandcast Offers Advice on Connecting With Online Viewers

Think about why you yourself share videos with friends, then apply that to your brand’s ads. Create videos that serve a purpose for the viewer.

Facebook Vs. YouTube: Which Platform Rules for Video Marketing?

It turns out that the two sites promote video in different ways. Visible Measures explains why marketers need to use both to launch a successful campaign.