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It’s back for a second year: will reward the best online video marketing campaigns from the past 12 months, but before we can do that we need your help. Enter your best work now!

38% of Shoppers Say High Cost Is a Barrier to Virtual Reality

While cost is a factor and few consumers have a VR device, YuMe says the time is right for brands to jump in and get a first-mover advantage.

CES 2017: Programmatic Advertising Insiders Cut Through the Hype

During CES 2017, and VideoAmp spoke to advertising execs to learn the challenges still facing programmatic and how the industry can create better cross-screen ad opportunities.

Target the OTT Viewer: Tru Optik Announces OTT Marketing Cloud

Combining first- and third-party data, this modular marketing solution lets brands and agencies zero in on exactly the connected viewers they want to reach.

Crystal Ball Time: 6 Online Video Advertising Predictions for ’17

Enough looking back, let’s look forward! Here are a half-dozen bold and visionary predictions about where our industry will go in the coming year.

One-Third of SMBs Chose Facebook for Online Marketing This Season

SMBs invested heavily in online video marketing this holiday thanks to increased budgets, but still found targeting their preferred audience a difficulty.

Practicing Good Data Hygiene: Turning Data Into Marketing Gold

Online media creates a wealth of data not available to broadcast, but that data is useless if internal systems don’t speak the same language. Here are the questions to ask before buying an expensive solution.