10 Tips for Creating Successful Branded Videos Online

Produce online videos that people want to watch and want to share. Here’s what you need to know for branded video planning, production, and distribution.

Understanding the New Rules of Branded Videos

Online videos need to appeal to viewers enough that they’ll share them with friends. But how do marketers get the right videos in front of the right audience?

Buzzcard Becomes Busivid, an App-Based System for Business Video

Last year, Buzzcard launched and gave companies and easy way to brand and distribute videos. This year, the tool has a new name, new features, and new goals.

TailoredMail Debuts True Video Emails for Every Mail System

Sick of putting static video images in your marketing emails? TailoredMail says true video email playback is finally here, and it takes only five minutes.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Videos for YouTube

With so much content on YouTube, videos need a little help to stand out. Here are tips for brands created directly by the experts at YouTube.

YouTube’s Guide to Creating Brand Content People Want to Watch

Make videos people can’t wait to share, play off of current trends, and never ever try to be fake with a YouTube viewer.

YouTube Releases the YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands

Who better than YouTube to create a detailed action plan for brand success on YouTube? It’s everything brands need to know in 100 pages.