Accuracy Most Important for Marketers Purchasing Demo Data

Digital marketers spend a lot of money on demographic data, but they’re not happy with the results. A report says accuracy is marketers’ biggest concern.

Google Preferred Adds 10,000 Human Moderators to Vet YouTube Vids

One more crisis for YouTube means more moderation for videos in its Google Preferred tier. As before, look for YouTube to turn a crisis into a buying opportunity.

Marketers Discover the Power of Personal Stories at Podcast Upfront

The podcast medium is all about personal stories, so for brands trying to tell their own stories and connect with consumers it’s a dream come true.

Consumers Watch Most Brand Video on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat

What do video-loving consumers want from brands? Text on the screen is a plus, since many watch videos on-the-sly at work. An Animoto survey reveals where are how people are watching.

Brands Should Be Farmers, Not Hunters in Next-Phase Marketing

Marketers, put down your guns and pick up your shovels! The time for hunting consumers is over. Today, brands need to dig up data about their best audiences.

In a World of Online Video Ad Uncertainty, Roku Offers Guarantees

The top streaming TV device wants to help marketers plan campaigns across traditional and online platforms, so it’s offering comparable Nielsen metrics.

TV Advertising Retires; Video Marketing Takes Over the Job

There are stark differences in how millennials use video marketing and how baby boomers approach it. Here are the four tenets young and creative video marketers live by.