Mobile Video Pre-Rolls Making Gains for Publishers: Ooyala

The latest quarterly index from Ooyala shows mobile video pre-rolls showing impressive gains, while midrolls are big on connected TVs.

Advertisers: Lead With TV, Fill-In With Online, Advises Adobe

TV alone won’t do the job, and neither will OTT alone. To gain the greatest reach of a desired audience, marketers need to take a combined approach.

Mid-Roll Ads Taking Share From Pre-Rolls, High Viewer Acceptance

Advertisers are signing up for mid-roll ads in greater numbers since viewers are more likely to watch the full ad, but there are still pitfalls to avoid.

Programmatic Trading Now the Norm, Not the Exception, Says Ooyala

In its report on Q3 2015 online video viewing and ad impressions, Ooyala finds that confidence in programmatic is high for both buyers and sellers.

3 Tips Marketers Need to Know to Create an Effective Video Strategy

Do your video marketing campaigns include both in-stream and rich media ads? If not, you’re missing out. Here are three tips for matching campaign goals with video assets.