MRC Takes on Brand Safety With Draft of Proposed Guidelines

Can brand safety be ensured with measurements and calculations? The MRC introduces ‘adjacency’ to keep ads a safe distance from potentially harmful content.

Ad-Supported Live Video Favored by 52% Finds an IAB Report

Consumers are fine with ad-supported live video online. Forget the myth of unreachable viewers, says IAB. Streamers are still open to ads.

5 Steps for Creative Video Ad Innovation: Discover What Works

OnlineVideo.net got an exclusive first look at the IAB’s roadmap to video ad experimentation. Here are 5 steps for connecting with consumers.

Ads.txt: Everything Online Video Marketers Need to Know

Heard the term but not sure what it means? Ads.txt is the industry’s best defense against rampant ad fraud. Here’s how it works.

IAB Names Best Practices for Audience-Based Advanced TV Targeting

A free two-page guide helps educate both buyers and sellers on advanced TV targeting, giving definitions, stats, and best practices.

6 Benefits to Using Blockchain in Online Video Advertising

For those with a hazy understanding of what blockchain is and even less understanding of why it’s useful, the IAB offers a helpful whitepaper.

2018 NewFronts Schedule: Back to One Week With Some No-Shows

The IAB NewFronts are going bi-coastal, with a West Coast week set to debut sometime in the fourth quarter. Read on to discover the 2018 NewFronts schedule.