Programmatic Buying Used by 75% of All Brands, Says MediaRadar

Concerns over transparency and ad fraud should have programmatic buying on a downward trend, right? That’s not what’s happening.

CTV Completion Rates Peak at 97%, Finds Extreme Reach Q2 Report

Video ad completion rates are up across the board, but nothing beats CTV completion rates for premium video, finds Extreme Reach.

Accuracy Most Important for Marketers Purchasing Demo Data

Digital marketers spend a lot of money on demographic data, but they’re not happy with the results. A report says accuracy is marketers’ biggest concern.

The Data Protection Dilemma: How Can Brands Stay Safe?

GDPR puts pressure on brands to get affirmative consent before using consumer data, but do poor data practices drive people to avoid online ads?

Ads.txt Survey: Over Half Say it Builds Trust for Programmatic

It offers greater transparency and greatly reduces fraud. But an Ads.txt survey finds one-fifth of advertisers have never heard of it.

Ad Creativity Is Suffering, and Too Much Data Is the Reason

Template-driven ads and a focus on ROI and direct response are crowding out ad creativity. Consumers are turning away.

Cross-Screen Advertising an Essential to Reach Viewers: Survey

Both ad buyers and sellers stand to benefit with an audience-based cross-screen advertising model, says a SpotX report.