Live Video Most Often Used to Deepen Interaction With Viewers

While on-demand videos are great for building awareness, demonstrating a feature, or solving common problems, live video is best for creating a bond with consumers.

Brandlive Creates an App Just for Enterprise Live Video Streaming

Brands are discovering the value in using live video streams to communicate with customers, and the Brandlive Mobile app helps them go live from any location.

Brandlive Makes Live Video Easier to Create, Provides More Data

The live streaming platform just for brands takes the wraps off a new version. Brands will benefit from an improved dashboard, richer analytics, and the ability to simulcast to social platforms.

AI and Video Marketing: It’s Not Just for the Major Brands

Using artificial intelligence, marketers at small- and mid-sized companies can even the odds against their deep-pocketed competition, getting videos in front of the right viewers at the right time.

Over Half of Execs See Live Video Streaming as Important in 2016

While live video streaming was heavily used for employee training in 2015, this year more companies see it as a tool for authentic marketing interactions.