Adobe Marketing Cloud Adds Virtual Reality Video Support

Create immersive spaces for viewers to inhabit, but don’t forget the brand support: Adobe’s VR tools let marketers know exactly where viewers are looking in virtual video.

Comcast Offers 5 Secrets to Entertainment Marketing Success

Cross-device personalization is the new goal, and marketers must continuously learn from their data and plug those lessons back into the system.

Upcoming Adobe Primetime Feature Creates Customizable Commercials

Using Dynamic Vids, brands and agencies will be able to create online video ads that automatically adjust to match viewer interests.

Adobe: How to Reach Fragmented Online Customers Across Devices

Shoppers routinely access brand information and view messages on multiple devices. How can marketers assign IDs to those devices, getting a clear picture of the shoppers behind them?

Adobe Looks at the Future of Online Video Entertainment Marketing

An Adobe Summit session on predictions offers something for video marketers, and also talks gaming, smartphones, virtual reality, and the challenge of fractured online identities.

Adobe Announces Dynamic Ad Insertion, Mobile Marketing Tools: MWC

Thanks to Adobe’s Mobile World Congress announcements, marketers can reach more customers with stream stitching, and create location-based personalized messages for mobile users.

Adobe Adds Over 100,000 4K Video Stock Assets to Library

It’s time to start thinking about creating projects in 4K, and Adobe has you covered. It’s stock library has a huge variety of native 4K videos for sale.