The Adobe Creative Cloud FAQ

Adobe Creative Cloud is here, which means there will be no new versions of Creative Suite. If you’re confused what that means for you and your business, we’ve got the answers to your questions.

The Top Ten Reasons to Upgrade to Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Attention Premiere Pro CS6 users: While Premiere Pro CC is a big departure from the program you’re used to, there are excellent reasons to upgrade. Here are our favorites.

The Next Generation of Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, & More

If collaboration is key in your organization, Adobe has exciting news: Its pro applications will soon come with a robust, collaboration tool that makes it easy for groups to work together.

How to Make an Animated Title Sequence: Video 101

Give your videos an pro-looking animated title. All you need is Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, and the instructions in this simple lesson.

Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Is Out: Here’s What’s New

Speed up your footage, give it a Hollywood look, and do everything faster with a simplified interface.

Introducing Adobe Anywhere for Collaborative Video Editing

Editors already using Adobe Premiere will like that Anywhere makes trading files easy, even when the editors are in different locations.

MPEG DASH Is the Future, Here’s What You Need to Know

Not sure what MPEG DASH is or why people keep talking about it? Watch this first to get up to speed with the adaptive streaming standard.