Addressable TV Is Coming, But It’s Not Yet Ready for Prime Time

TV ad sales are in a state of flux, somewhere between the traditional model and the one that will take over. It’s a tense time with no one solution working across all platforms.

For Addressable TV, What Doesn’t Work as Important as What Does

The level of data available with addressable advertising makes failures just as instructive as successes, showing exactly when a campaign goes wrong.

Adobe Debuts TV Media Management for Online Video Ad Planning

By delivering more accurate viewer forecasting and yield optimization, Adobe helps buyers get their messages in front of the right people, while sellers stop leaving money on the table.

The U.K.—Not the U.S.—Leads the Shift to Programmatic Advertising

While the United Kingdom is leading the world in programmatic trading, major players still need to overcome significant hurdles along the road to adoption.