The Super Bowl Goes Multiscreen: Ads Stream to Internet Viewers

Something different is happening with this year’s Super Bowl, and Adobe thinks it’s a major pivot point: Many viewers will stream the game, and they’ll see the same ads as broadcast viewers.

Videology Offers Viewability Guarantees on Self-Service Video Ads

Buyers can choose between two competing viewability standards, and have results verified in real-time by their choice of third-party services.

The Big Game Is Almost Here: Who Will Have the Top Super Bowl Ad?

Super Bowl Sunday means ads first, football second. To keep track of the players and chart their performance. YouTube launches its annual AdBlitz site.

The U.K.—Not the U.S.—Leads the Shift to Programmatic Advertising

While the United Kingdom is leading the world in programmatic trading, major players still need to overcome significant hurdles along the road to adoption.

Holiday Video Ad Campaigns Show Explosive Growth in 2015

When planning a holiday video campaign, think heartwarming, loving, and inspirational—and be sure to launch your campaign before Thanksgiving.

Presenting the Top YouTube Ads of 2015: AngryNeeson52 Wins Again!

YouTube has created its 2015 year-end ad leaderboard, and invited viewers to vote on the top ads in five categories. Here’s what worked in 2015.

IAB Releases 2016 NewFront Schedule; Playboy Now on the List

Reader’s Digest, Mashable, Hearst, WebMD and—yes—Playboy will make their newfront debuts in May, hoping to win over fickle media buyers.