Video Essentials

CMOs Must Be Growth-Drivers and Revenue-Generators, Says Report

The role of the CMO is evolving, from a purely creative station to one expected to drive revenue streams and strategic thinking. A report looks at the opportunities taking place and the anxiety CMOs are feeling.

Mid-Roll Ads Taking Share From Pre-Rolls, High Viewer Acceptance

Advertisers are signing up for mid-roll ads in greater numbers since viewers are more likely to watch the full ad, but there are still pitfalls to avoid.

Snapchat’s 3-Second Problem: Lots of Ads, Not Much Viewing

Brands are spending big money on the hot social network, but are they getting anything for it? Viewer flip past video ads in under three seconds, making it hard to build a connection.

Only 14% of Video Marketers Use Advanced Metrics: Vidyard

The work doesn’t end when the video goes online. To drive both conversions and return on investment, it’s important to measure, improve, and understand what succeeds.

Online Video + TV Advertising = Ad Dream Team, Says Videology

Today’s viewers aren’t watching only online shows or only broadcast shows, so why limit ad campaigns to one or the other? A report shows the effectiveness of going cross-screen.

3 Predictions for OTT, VOD, and Programmatic TV in 2017

Programmatic advertising will expand in 2017, but progress will be slow. An industry expert shows why broadcasters will make or break programmatic’s future.

Recapping the Biggest Moves In Online Video Marketing In 2016

2016 was a huge year for online video, as all the major players released improvements designed to attract brands and engage viewers. Look for 2017 to build on that knowledge and momentum.