Video Essentials

Addressable Advertising: Viacom Explains How and When to Use It

Looking to make a big impression with a splashy product branding campaign? Then save costs and skip addressable advertising.

Nielsen Total Audience Ratings: The Challenge of Measuring CTV

Before advertisers can buy targeted demos on CTV, the industry needs cross-platform ratings. And that’s where Nielsen Total Audience comes in.

Accuracy Most Important for Marketers Purchasing Demo Data

Digital marketers spend a lot of money on demographic data, but they’re not happy with the results. A report says accuracy is marketers’ biggest concern.

Standardization Will Drive CTV Ads, But We’re Not There Yet

While standardization will allow marketers to make buys across linear and CTV in unified campaigns, getting there means getting many players working together.

Facebook Video Creation Kit Helps Brands Prepare for the Holidays

Three retailing helpers such as Instagram collections and the Facebook Video Creation Kit let brands plan for big end-of-year promotions.

Connected TV Advertising: The Future of OTT Is Nearly Here

It’s early days for connected TV advertising and TV buyers are still getting comfortable with it, but look for big investments in the future.

Video Marketing Silos Need to Be Reorganized for Today’s Viewers

When agencies organize their teams into video marketing silos, they ignore how today’s cross-screen, connected consumers get their information.