Video Essentials

When to Use Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, and Outstream Video Ads: YuMe

Pre-rolls are the big winner in a new report, and are seen as providing the best value exchange for free content, but mid-roll and outstream video ads have roles to play, as well.

YouTube Advances Brand Safety By Limiting Ad-Supported Channels

Channels need to gain 10,000 lifetime views and pass a review process to get ad support. Will that put brand advertisers at ease? YouTube hopes so.

The 12 Types of Online Ads Advertisers Should Never Use…

…Unless they just want to annoy their audience. After surveying over 25,000 people, the Coalition for Better Ads has created a list.

Breakthrough Video Ads of Q1 Celebrate Love and Enduring Values

Soldiers watch the Super Bowl, single parents are both soft and strong, and an adorable scruffy puppy saves and gets saved at the same time.

Where Do Viewers Trust the Ads? Study Reveals the Missing Factor

Ad buyers who only look at behavioral or demographic data when buying ad space are missing an important detail: context matters, and some networks are more trustworthy than others.

3 Beauty Vlogger Tips for Creating Attractive YouTube Channels

ICX Media crunched the numbers and here are the top three tips that most beauty vloggers are missing. Plus: Brand marketers, here’s how to find the ideal influencer.

Broadcasting Via Facebook Live During a Corporate Crisis

Facebook Live can be a company’s best asset in times of trouble. Here’s what to do before and during a public relations debacle to minimize the damage.