Video Essentials

How to Deliver the Right Videos to the Right Viewers

The top video services rely on targeted personalization efforts to boost their bottom lines. Here’s how any company can put personalization data to work.

Video Marketers Need to Drive Growth in a Saturated Online World

Web growth is saturated and online viewing is taking from traditional TV. Video marketers need to optimize their media buys to follow the target audience.

AI and Video Marketing: It’s Not Just for the Major Brands

Using artificial intelligence, marketers at small- and mid-sized companies can even the odds against their deep-pocketed competition, getting videos in front of the right viewers at the right time.

Accenture Discovers the Halo Effect Around Multiplatform TV

Adding multiplatform TV to a marketing campaign along with digital delivers vastly improved and quantifiable results, Accenture analysis concludes.

Every Year Is the Year for Data: Notes From Videology Full Frontal

Broadcasters try to solve measurement problems caused by fragmentation, while advertisers expect more from their core partners.

Build Views While Busting Melons: Small Businesses Get Creative

Small companies are winning customers by getting savvy with online video marketing, offering low-budget videos that both entertain and inform.

Snapchat Gains With Successful IPO, But Who’s Tuning In?

Not to rain on Snap’s big moment, but growth is driven by older users who don’t create much content. For the young, Instagram has more heat.