Video Essentials

How Publishers and Advertisers Lose Out on Revenue: Report

How can publishers get young adults to pay for content when 24 percent don’t even realize they’re stealing? A report finds that publishers are leaving money on the table.

DMEXCO: Twitter Shows That Mobile and Video Go Together

The short-form social network has adopted video streaming in a big way, combining live events with instant feedback in one seamless package.

Beyond Viewability: Research Shows the Way to Ad Effectiveness

While advertisers have focused on improving viewability rates, viewability alone doesn’t determine whether or not an ad will be effective. Fresh research shows how to improve visual engagement and brand recall.

DMEXCO: Video Advertisers Discover the Magic of 15-Second Ads

Video ad company YuMe looks for ad length best practices and discovers that 15-second ads work best for just about everyone. New brands, however, should go longer. Read on to find out why.

DMEXCO: VR Is the Future, as Facebook Pivots to Mobile and Video

Smart brands are early adopters for new social and video platforms, Facebook says. Think mobile and video now, and virtual reality for the near future.

Online Advertisers Need to Adapt or Get Left Behind, Warns Google

Some online publishers, advertisers, and agencies think the world owes them a living, said a Google managing director at IBC. What they need to do is reevaluate their ad strategies. Removing waterfalls of ineffective ads is a start.

5 Smart Ways Marketers and Publishers Can Use Vimeo for Business

Don’t ignore artsy little Vimeo anymore. In case you hadn’t noticed, Vimeo has introduced a variety of tools for corporate accounts. Here’s what you’ll find.