Video Essentials

Let Go, Give Up Control: How Brands Should Work With Influencers

Forget the 30-second pre-roll. To reach young consumers, find YouTube influencers with shared values and let them tell their own stories.

An Expert Makes Influencer Marketing Easy for the Influencers

Want to get hired by brands? All influencers need is a handful of followers, excellent brand affinity, and strong relationships with viewers. PS: No cussing!

The State of HTML5 Video: Here’s What You Need to Know Now

Are your brand’s video’s playable by every browser on every platform? HTML5 video will eventually take the place of Flash, but it isn’t there yet.

ComScore Shows Where the Viewers Aren’t: Video Ad Fraud Rampant

Fraudulent views can add up to 40 percent of all traffic on some sites, ComScore finds. Be sure you aren’t wasting your online video ad dollars.

Learn How to Become an Online Video Marketing Superhero

What does a marketing superhero keep in his or her utility belt? A free guide from Brightcove shows the tools that every marketer needs to have on hand.

YouTube Introduces Cards, a Useful Way to Add Brand Interactivity

Annotations are so last week. The savvy YouTube marketer now uses cards to direct customers to a website or related video.

Best Practices for Big Results: Online Video Marketing in 2015

Viewers expect videos on product page nowadays. If you’re not delivering useful videos in the places they’re looking, then you’re missing out on sales.