Video Essentials

ComScore and Rentrak Merger: What it Means for Video Marketing

Forget small sample groups—we’re in the era of big measurement now with millions of screens being counted. But that’s just a lot of data without insight.

Stream Stitching: What Pros Must Know About the Ad-Blocker Beater

Ad blocking plug-ins are stealing the online video audience and wasting billions from campaign budgets. The good news is that one technology—stream stitching or server-side ad insertion—holds the promise of beating the blockers.

5 Must-Have Tools for One-Man Band Video Production and Promotion

Just because your videos were shot, edited, and uploaded by one person doesn’t mean they have to look like it. Here’s how any one-man band can do the work of a talented team.

Online Video Ads Important for Major Movie Marketing: Tremor

One-third of viewers learn about new movies from online video ads, and those viewers are more likely to research new movies online, finds movie marketing data.

Video Advertising Glossary: View the IAB’s Free Pocket Guide

Advertising and marketing jargon is confusing and often lacks consistency, but the IAB has come to the rescue. Its Video Advertising Glossary takes the perplexity out of industry discussions.

Video Marketing Mistakes: 5 Common Missteps ID’d by Brightcove

Are you making these all-too-typical video marketing mistakes in your work? Learn from Brightcove about the five problems that you should absolutely correct today.

Facebook Helps Brands Succeed With Autoplay Video and No Audio

Creating buzz on the internet’s biggest social network is a must for many brand video campaigns, but Facebook comes with its own set of best practices.