Video Essentials

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Before beginning a brand video campaign, determine what type of campaign you’re running. Answering these five questions will start the process.

5 Takeaways From Google’s State of Play Programmatic Video Report

Despite what you’ve heard, online video ad viewability rates are rising, with Google counting a 12 percentage point gain in 2015.

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50% of Publishers Have Run a Facebook Video Ad, 31% Used YouTube

Mixpo surveyed over 250 media insiders and found that Facebook’s video strategy is paying off. Publishers prefer its mobile-first ad formats and advanced targeting.

Canvas Media Studios’ Message to Brands: Take a Chance!

Integrating brand messages, products, and directives is a creative challenge for storytellers, but storytellers love a challenge. The founders of Canvas Media Studios talk about a successful brand integration they completed for their show Vanity.

Break the One-Size-Fits-All Model When Working With Influencers

Interviewed at VidCon, Elise Strachan, creator of My Cupcake Addiction, explains how influencer campaigns can achieve more when they go beyond simple product integrations.