2018 NewFronts Schedule: Back to One Week With Some No-Shows

The IAB NewFronts are going bi-coastal, with a West Coast week set to debut sometime in the fourth quarter. Read on to discover the 2018 NewFronts schedule.

FVOD Will Become a Hot Growth Area for Video Advertising: Juniper

Sites like YouTube and Facebook will do well in video ad sales through 2022, as advertisers look for premium, brand-safe FVOD content.

Live Video Most Often Used to Deepen Interaction With Viewers

While on-demand videos are great for building awareness, demonstrating a feature, or solving common problems, live video is best for creating a bond with consumers.

Facebook Watch Platform Shows Strong Early Usage: Morgan Stanley

Facebook Watch is a hit with many of the platform’s members, but it’s young adults who are racking up the most significant viewing times.

Creative Assets Workflow Inefficiencies Plague Video Advertisers

Why, in the days of cross-screen hyper targeting, does the creative assets workflow lag so far behind? An Extreme Research study looks for answers.

Facebook Algorithm Changes Are Hurting Publishers; Here’s Proof

It turns out Facebook didn’t just recently change its newsfeed algorithm. It did so early in 2017, and the changes led to a big reduction in video views.

Backlash: YouTube Faces Partner Rage Over Monetization Changes

YouTube became a giant off the work of viral video creators, but its new monetization changes cut that group off and risk a creator backlash.