Connected TV Use Is Dominant, Increasing 75% in One Year

A report from Conviva and nScreenMedia shows that connected TV use has rocketed up in the last year, and now dominates around the clock.

Videology Declares Bankruptcy, Selling Assets to Amobee

The company pivoted to the connected TV space, but hasn’t shown strong enough growth. As Videology declares bankruptcy, what’s next for CTV advertising?

Hulu Announces Ad-Supported Downloadable Video at NewFront

Untethered viewing is coming to Hulu subscribers, as will a third season of “The Handmaids Tale” and a new series by Mindy Kaling.

Oath Debuts 10 Video Series at Raucous NewFront Presentation

While other publishers are busy signing partnerships with social platforms for distribution, Oath says it can scale all by itself.

Viacom, New York Times, BBC News NewFront Content Highlights

Viacom creates a studio to turn out hundreds of hours of original online programming, while the NYT sees a bright future for smart speakers.

Video Proves Most Popular for Multi-Platform Marketing Strategies

Over half of today’s businesses spend money on content marketing, with many taking a multi-platform approach. Video proves most popular way to reach consumers.

Digital Remedy Acquires CrowdHere, a Curated Video Collective

An online advertising veteran sees brand-safe video as the future, as Digital Remedy buys CrowdHere and gains a pipeline to thousands of creative pros.