The Digital Future Is Just About Here, But When Will it Arrive?

At Advertising Week New York, the digital future of the living room is the hot topic. Advanced viewer targeting is here, or nearly so, anyway.

YouTube Offers More Ad Extensions and Improves Brand Lift Measure

With extensions, viewers can take action from a YouTube video page. New extensions support movie booking and app downloading.

ComScore’s Campaign Ratings Now in Beta, Offer Cross-Screen View

While a full commercial release is still a few months away, ComScore Campaign Ratings are now in use by several influential players.

TV Ad Measurement Company Takes $30M in Series C Funding

By connecting TV measurements and viewer behaviors, has seen impressive growth. With this funding it hopes to grow even faster.

Video Ads Get 36% More Time in View Than Desktop Display Ads

Rather than simply looking at the number of views a video campaign gets, consider measuring how many seconds those ads are on screen.

Hearst Launches its Own Addressable Marketplace: Hearst Anyscreen

Reaching addressable audiences at scale and providing transparency are popular buzzwords, but will Hearst Anyscreen deliver?

Welcome to the New Living Room: 57% of Video Ads Now Play on TVs

The combination of reach, targeting, and attribution create a marketing trifecta. Viewers, publishers, and marketers are all looking to the new living room.