The Top Ten Reasons to Upgrade to Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Attention Premiere Pro CS6 users: While Premiere Pro CC is a big departure from the program you’re used to, there are excellent reasons to upgrade. Here are our favorites.

HEVC: What it Is, What You Need to Know

HEVC is the next great compression standard, and it puts the squeeze on video to deliver high quality with small file sizes. Here’s a quick primer to bring you up to speed.

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When it’s time to create videos for your company, which video editor do you choose? Here are the points you need to consider to pick the perfect editor for your needs.

Final Cut Pro X Tutorial: How to Get Better Encoding Results

By using the x264 codec in Apple Compressor, you can create much sharper videos. Read on to learn what the codec is, how to install it, and how to use it.