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AR/VR Ads Perform Better: 15X Improvement in CTR

The numbers are in: Immersive advertising content performs better than flat 2D ads. Across metrics like click-through rates, engagement rates, and video completion, immersive ads perform better on every dimension, says OmniVirt, a 360° VR/AR/3D advertising platform.

OmniVirt’s analysis reviewed its 2018 campaigns across AR and 360° VR, and its 2019 3D ad campaigns, for brands such as Mastercard, Disney, Takis, Turner, and more.

Last year’s data showed that 360° VR video ads observe a 46% lift in video completion rate compared to regular video ads and a 300% increase in CTR.

This year’s data shows even stronger performance.

Statistics of note:

  • Mobile 360° Display ads see a 15X uplift in CTR at 1.44% compared to our standard display control’s 0.09%
  • Mobile 360° Display ads boast a 14.97% engagement rate
  • AR ads see a 7.52% Allow Rate, meaning 7.52% of users grant camera access to experience AR
  • Users spend an average of 22 seconds playing with AR ads
  • 3D Object ads (banner ads with interactive 3D models) boast a 13.8% engagement rate

The full report contains more statistics showing these performance uplifts.

These insights show that immersive media delivers better performance against flat ad formats, which is exciting news for marketers looking for better and deeper ad impact, particularly around engagement.

About OmniVirt

OmniVirt is VR/AR advertising platform founded by former Google and YouTube employees. The company powers distribution of immersive media advertising experiences across its premium publisher network, supporting multiple high profile campaigns for clients like Toyota, Clorox, Samsung, Chevron, Universal Pictures and Johnnie Walker. Its technology is leveraged by the The New York Times, AOL, Yahoo!, Time Inc, Wall Street Journal, Vice Media, NatGeo, Discovery and many more. The company has received funding from top venture capitalists including Andreessen Horowitz, Greycroft, BDMI, Horizon Media, First Round Capital and many others.

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