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YouTube Increases its Revenue YoY, Closing Out 2018 With a 51% Advertiser Renewal Rate

MediaRadar, the leading advertising intelligence and sales enablement platform, released its “YouTube Year in Review” report today, which compares YouTube’s ad revenue from January – November 2017 to January – November 2018. The data found there to be an 11 percent increase YoY in YouTube’s revenue (when comparing Q3 2017 to Q3 2018), as well as a 51 percent advertiser renewal rate.

“Despite brand safety challenges, YouTube bounced back and saw strong growth year-over-year,” said Todd Krizelman, CEO & Co-Founder of MediaRadar. “It has been transparent, mostly, about its mistakes and has delivered remedies to buyers. This is not something every major media firm does. YouTube’s approach has largely been rewarded. Few advertisers have stopped buying on the platform and ad revenue is up.”

Three companies collectively accounted for 15.5 percent of YouTube’s 2018 revenue. Geico, claiming the number one spot and making up six percent of that total, increased its YouTube spend more than 40 percent YoY. Last year’s top spender, Samsung, remained active on the platform and came out as this year’s runner-up, accounting for 5.5 percent while Disney took the number three spot with 4 percent.

Media and entertainment companies, such as Hulu and Twenty First Century Fox, continued to advertise the most on YouTube. This category accounted for more than 30 percent of the platform’s 2018 revenue.

The automotive advertisers’ category, including giants like GM and Ford, dramatically reduced its YouTube ad spend this past year. As a whole, the category spent nearly 60 percent less in 2018 than it did in 2017.

“We have seen a significant decrease in automotive advertising on YouTube this year,” said Krizelman. “The automotive advertisers category dropped from being YouTube’s third largest spender in 2017 to taking eighth place in 2018. In the slowing market, we see the auto industry shifting gears when it comes to advertising on Youtube, specifically, although not in all digital media.”

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