Wurl Introduces AdSpring to Deliver Ads to Connected TV Viewers

For video services looking to increase revenue on streaming TV platforms, Wurl has an answer. Wurl is an ad monetization company based in Palo Alto, California, and it specializes in making ad insertion simple for providers and advertisers. This week, it introduces AdSpring, a solution for TV delivery.

Wurl Marketed as a turnkey solution, AdSpring comes with the promise of no engineering necessary, and is targeted to cable and broadcast networks, Hollywood studios, and digital first studios. Producers set up AdSpring by scheduling the placement and length of their mid-roll breaks for both linear and on-demand programming. When the system sees an ad marketer, AdSpring requests an ad in real-time. Ads are targeted to the individual viewer and stitched into the video stream for seamless delivery. On the backend, analytics measure each ad served.

The only thing AdSpring doesn’t do is provide the ads themselves. Video producers need to sell their own ad inventory. What Wurl does is provide the tech to insert those ads into programming as it streams.

The AdSpring system is pay-as-you-go, so there’s no upfront payment needed. Producers only pay when they insert ads. AdSpring works with popular connected TV platforms, including Roku, Samsung TV, and Apple TV. The company charges 3 cents per viewing hour for a package of services that includes a scheduler for creating channel lineups, ad insertion in on-demand and linear streams, real-time targeting, and measurement (the measurement system is currently in beta).

“Our commitment to our video producer customers is to eliminate the distribution obstacles created by legacy technology and legacy pricing,” says Sean Doherty, CEO of Wurl. “AdSpring for connected TVs is unique in that it is pre-integrated within our entire distribution and advertising ecosystem. It gives video producers a risk-free, success-based platform to expand their distribution broadly and quickly.”

Wurl already counts some big names as AdSpring customers, including Stadium, Dust, EdgeSports, Jukin Media (on its FailArmyTV and The Pet Collective TV channels), Outside TV Shorts, and Insight.TV.


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