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Comparing TV, YouTube, and Facebook Video Ads: Which One Wins?

When it comes to brand recall, which video ad format is the strongest? A recent study aimed to find out, comparing TV, YouTube, and Facebook video ads.

Conducted by Facit Research and sponsored by Mediaplus Group, SevenOne Media, and Google Germany, the study created a living room-like setting where participants could watch TV, call up videos on YouTube, or scroll through their Facebook feeds. Whichever they chose, they saw the same three retail, electronics, and consumer goods ads mixed among other ads to provide distractions.

Comparing TVResults showed the strongest brand recall for TV ads (18 percent of participants could spontaneously recall an ad they’d seen), compared to 14 percent for YouTube pre-rolls, and 7 percent for Facebook.

Looking at YouTube ad types, the study found six-second YouTube bumper ads enjoyed higher unaided recall than either pre-rolls and TrueView ads.

The study also looked at higher frequency and cross-platform ad exposures, finding participants had much stronger recall after seeing an ad multiple times. Brand recall rates doubled when participants saw an ad twice in the same medium, whether TV, YouTube, or Facebook.

The strongest recall rates (over 40 percent) came from multiple TV exposures with different ad formats. The study tested three different TV ad formats. Combining TV formats led to strong performance.

And what of multiplatform campaigns mixing TV and online formats? The study found a 34 percent unaided brand recall when mixing TV and YouTube pre-roll, and 26 percent when mixing TV and YouTube TrueView.

“The study highlights the fact that YouTube offers the right advertising format for every campaign objective and has a powerful and proven impact,” says Dirk Bruns, head of video sales Central Europe for Google. “This can be enhanced by optimized targeting. In addition, the combined advertising mix of TV and YouTube produces a powerful cross-media impact.”

The study comparing TV, YouTube, and Facebook was conducted in Germany between March and June 2018, and tested 3,700 participants age 14 and older. Read more about the results and download the full study for free (no registration required).


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