RhythmOne Works With Placed to Track and Measure In-Store Visits

Attribution is going to be a giant topic in 2019, as new tools let video marketers prove the value of their investments. Leading the way is a partnership between RhythmOne and Placed that aims to track and quantify in-store visits, linking them to digital and linear TV ad views.

Based in London, RhythmOne is the digital ad company that snapped up YuMe earlier in the year. It’s been operating at high speed since then, broking news last month that it’s selling ads on connected TV menu screens to reach cord-cutters.

RhythmOne In-Store VisitsIn its latest announcement, RhythmOne says it’s partnering with Placed, which provides location-driven insights and ad intelligence, to tie in-store visits with digital and linear TV ad views. The idea is to show exactly when consumers visit a store after seeing an ad, providing a level of attribution that helps validate ad spending and demonstrates which platforms are most effective.

“After users are exposed to linear TV commercials and RhythmOne digital video, Placed monitors opt-in panelists as well as the location of devices to determine store visits,” explains Jorg Nowak, senior vice president of global sales for RhythmOne. “RhythmOne passes Placed campaign exposure data through tags for desktop, mobile, and CTV. Placed validates that viewers were at home and saw the TV content being measured. The matched user’s IP address and time at home connects linear TV data to Placed and is used to measure offline visits and lift.”

Building Placed Attribution for TV into the RhythmOne platform gives clients simple reports that show whether or not their marketing campaigns are having an effect. Media planners buy across linear and digital, so its important to offer a solution that works with both areas, the company says.

RhythmOne adds that its combination of video and display ads can reach niche viewers on any platform. By working with Placed, a company can show how multi-platform campaigns lead to sales, spotlighting optimal frequency goals and reducing unneeded spending.


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