Looking Back: OnlineVideo.net’s 10 Most Viewed Articles of 2018

OnlineVideo.net covers the world of online video advertising, but when we look back at the stories that appealed to our readers the most this year, one company keeps coming up. Facebook stars in 3 of the year’s top 10 stories.

Considering that Facebook’s walled garden controls a lot of the online video advertising world, and that the company made some huge privacy blunders this year, it’s no wonder it was on everyone’s mind. Other top articles looked at addressable advertising, blockchain, and influencer marketing, all hot topics that we’ll hear more about in the year ahead.

Our biggest Q&A examined RhythmOne’s acquisition of YuMe, while Super Bowl ads show an enduring appeal. Readers also read up on the state of the European video advertising market.

Thanks to you, dear readers, for making OnlineVideo.net a regular stop this year. It’s because of you that this is the foremost news site for online video marketing. We’ll do our best to bring you the hot topics for 2019 and beyond.

1.Facebook Video Creation Kit Helps Brands Prepare for the Holidays

Marketers were celebrating Christmas in July, when our article helped them prepare Facebook holiday video campaigns months ahead of time.

2. Super Bowl Ads 2018: Winners and Losers in Views and Sentiment

This year, we not only looked at what ads drove the most views, but how viewers felt about those ads.

3. 10 Questions With RhythmOne About Last Week’s YuMe Acquisition

This interview with RhythmOne COO Dan Slivjanovski got inside the high value acquisition.

4. Connected TV Advertising: The Future of OTT Is Nearly Here

A panel discussion from Dailymotion’s offices explained connected TV advertising to TV buyers.

5. 6 Benefits to Using Blockchain in Online Video Advertising

Confused about blockchain’s value? In this article, the IAB spells out six benefits it offers advertisers.

6. Video Advertising in Europe: Challenges for 2018 and Beyond

7. Facebook Dominates for Video Marketing, Followed by YouTube

8. Facebook Now Beats YouTube for Video Viewing, Relevant Ads

9. Addressable Advertising: Viacom Explains How and When to Use It

10. Welcome to Influencer Marketing 2.0: Notes from VidCon 2018


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