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Discovery Doubles Down With SpotX For TV Everywhere Monetization During Holiday Ad Rush

SpotX, the leading global video advertising and monetization platform, today announced a partnership with Discovery to power programmatic monetization for TV everywhere (TVE) video during the holiday season. The collaboration has resulted in Discovery running Automated Guaranteed campaigns through SpotX, the only supply-side platform (SSP) currently offering Discovery’s entire portfolio to advertisers.

“Content consumption increases dramatically during the holidays with more people home binge-watching and new devices being purchased, the viewership numbers we see across Discovery’s properties absolutely explode,” said Bill Murray, VP, programmatic revenue and ad products at Discovery Inc. “SpotX provides a very streamlined approach to monetization, and we’re excited to be working so closely with their team to connect more buyers to all of our inventory.”

In 2017, the average viewing session for Discovery’s networks increased more than 17% during the holidays over previous quarters for the year. Citing that metric as a key selling point, Discovery is leveraging SpotX’s Demand Facilitation services to source even more demand opportunities as well as executing direct deals with advertisers. Making the ad opportunity even more enticing, the network can whitelist and blacklist series titles such as Holiday Baking Championship (Food Network), Long Island Medium: Best of the Holidays (TLC), Nightmare Next Door: Murders Under the Mistletoe (Investigation Discovery), Tanked Again for the Holidays (Animal Planet), Holiday Cookie Builds (Cooking Channel), and White House Christmas (HGTV), passing show-level data to SpotX for advertisers that wish to buy against (or exclude) specific shows or networks.

“This can be a very challenging time of year because so many advertisers want to reach the right consumers as they’re making purchase decisions for gifts,” said Amanda Cabrera, Head of Publisher Partnerships at Adobe Advertising Cloud, a demand-side platform currently working with both SpotX and Discovery. “SpotX’s programmatic solution for Discovery allows us to better ensure that marketing dollars are spent delivering messaging to the most desirable and relevant audience for an advertiser that wants a piece of the holiday pie.”

“Discovery is really leading the pack in terms of programmatic for TVE because they are flexible and have no qualms about taking risks, two characteristics we believe are necessary to succeed as more digital publishers are dipping their toes into the TVE landscape,” said Ryan Kenney, vice president of platform services at SpotX. “Brands that purchase inventory for the holidays have the opportunity to reach larger target audiences than any other time of the year, and Discovery offers not only a massive collection of premium brands but also a high-quality, engaged audience that brands covet.”

Until now, there has been limited success within the industry when running Automated Guaranteed campaigns programmatically due to the lack of technologies on the supply side that offer it. Automated Guaranteed campaigns allow publishers to receive guaranteed revenue for inventory, reserve impressions for buyers in exchange for higher CPMs, execute high fill deals programmatically, work directly with advertisers to set deal terms, and leverage SpotX’s robust campaign targeting to guarantee buyers get the inventory they want. Conversely, Automated Guaranteed transactions allow advertisers to programmatically purchase while gaining guaranteed access to a publisher’s inventory at a predetermined price, secure first-look access to a guaranteed number of impressions, reach a desired audience at scale with guaranteed opportunities that meet exact targeting requirements, and have self-service at scale by allowing SpotX to execute the targeting and pacing agreed upon in the deal terms.

About SpotX

SpotX is the leading global video advertising platform that enables media owners and publishers to monetize premium content across desktop, mobile and connected TV devices. As a modern ad server with programmatic infrastructure, data enablement, and monetization solutions for OTT, outstream, and addressable TV, SpotX gives media owners and publishers the control, transparency, and actionable insights needed to understand buyer behavior, manage access and pricing, and maximize revenue. SpotX also provides advertisers with a direct pipeline to premium supply and innovative solutions for optimizing media efficiency, reach, and audience targeting. With best-in-class technology purpose-built for video, SpotX’s holistic, brand-safe solution is employed by some of the largest media owners and publishers in the world including fuboTV, Microsoft Casual Games, Newsy, Samba TV, Sling TV, Vudu and partners with a variety of different companies within the digital video ecosystem including comScore, DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, JW Player, MediaMath, MOAT, Nielsen, Oracle, and more.

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