Advanced TV Attribution Now on Par With Digital, Says FreeWheel

Advanced TV attribution has evolved, claims a report created by FreeWheel and the Video Advertising Bureau. In fact, it’s no longer in the development stage but is now as mature and capable as digital attribution.

FreeWheel and VABThat’s the first lesson the report delivers. The second is that TV delivery combined with data provides a way to engage customers at all levels of the marketing funnel.

This is a new area for many marketers, and the report is written for people just getting the hang of attribution. It looks at three attribution models—first touch/last touch, multi-touch, and cross-channel—and shows how each functions. Multi-touch connects ad exposures across screens and shows the value of TV advertising, while cross-channel lets marketers see how all of their media buys interact with the target audience and contribute to sales conversions.

“Accurately measuring the impact of TV advertising on driving a brand’s key success metrics has long been a challenge due to the lack of granular data needed to feed past models,” the report says. “In order to measure the true impact of TV, or any media for that matter, it’s important to understand the consumer journey and how consumers interact with a marketer’s advertising across platforms and devices before making a purchase decision.”

Multiple case studies in the report show the positive effects of connected TV marketing and advanced TV attribution.

The report includes best practices on running an advanced TV campaign. Use granular data to optimize campaigns once they’re underway, and set an appropriate timeline to measure campaign objectives. Be sure to use a control group when measuring results, and make sure that all data used is representative of the target population being measured, the report advises.

“Attribution for television has arrived, and now marketers have the proof that they have instinctively understood for decades: TV drives results,” the report notes. Download the full FreeWheel and VAB report, Assigning TV Credit: A Practical Guide to Attribution, for free (registration required).


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