RhythmOne Offering More Ways to Reach Connected TV Viewers

RhythmOne, the U.K.-based digital advertising company that acquired YuMe earlier this year, announced that it’s expanding its Smart TV Impression Units. What that means is that with this RhythmOne offering marketers can reach cord-cutting viewers even if those viewers are watching ad-free streaming services.

RhythmOne offeringCurrently available for U.S. campaigns, RhythmOne’s units reach viewers using OEM connected TVs, meaning TVs that can connect to the internet directly and don’t require a separate set-top box. The company doesn’t specify what connected TV platforms it works with. Ad show up on the TV’s home screen, the content store, and in apps. So they appear in a cord-cutting environment and reach cord-cutting viewers, although not during the shows themselves.

The RhythmOne offering supports multiple click-through actions, such as click-to-video, click-to-website, click-to-custom-microsite, and click-to-app. Any viewer clicking, of course, pulls up a full-screen experience.

While many viewers stream their shows over set-top boxes, TVs that can connect to the web directly are the future. RhythmOne notes that 51.9 percent of all connected TV users stream directly through the TV, and that figure will rise to 58.3 percent in 2022, according to eMarketer.

“Smart TVs are one of the primary access points for streaming and OTT content, and should be considered ‘prime real estate’ for advertisers,” says Jorg Nowak, senior vice president of global sales for RhythmOne. “Our Smart TV Impression Units run in highly visible locations, including the TV’s home screen, content store, and apps. And unlike most TV ads which are brand-based, these units can offer a variety of interactive, post-click actions as a full-screen experience to meet direct response and sales objectives, as well.”

Nowak notes that connected TV menus are the “last stop” before viewers enter an ad-free streaming environment, and calls this a way to serve hard-to-reach consumers.

These ad types help extend cross-screen campaigns, deliver incremental reach, and reach a unique audience, the company says.


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