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3 Holiday Video Ad Tips: How to Get Views and Drive ROI

With the holiday shopping season already underway, marketers need to examine their video distribution strategies and decide if their ads are reaching the right shoppers. Video distribution platform Glassview—which works with companies such as Lexus and Michael Kors—has created these three holiday video ad tips to improve views, sharing, and return on investment.

Holiday Video 1. Have a Clear Narrative
Holiday video ads work well when they make an emotional connection with viewers. Having a clear narrative is essential. Videos featuring closeness and romance, with a dash of humor, improve brand favorability by 2x, Glassview finds. Also, creating a touching family moment creates a relationship with the audience. Don’t forget to include prominent logos, calls-to-action, and sharing buttons, as that boosts performance metrics by 200 to 500 percent.

2. Pick the Right Length
At any time of year, videos between 16- and 30-seconds long have higher share rates than videos 15-seconds long or shorter. But don’t go too long: Videos that are over 60 seconds long actually have worse brand recall. Think short (15 to 30 seconds) for humor, medium (30 to 60 seconds) for nostalgia, and long (over 1 minute) for how-to.

3. Create Sequenced Ads
Rather than creating a one-and-done video campaign, Glassview advises brands to create a sequence of ads and deliver them to viewers one by one. Doing so creates a conversation between the brand and viewer. Plus, online video campaigns that deliver sequences have a 3.4x improvement in purchase intent. Sequenced ads are especially useful when introducing a product to a target audience that’s likely to be unfamiliar with it.

“When evaluating results from some of our biggest clients’ holiday video ads, we noticed trends start to emerge,” says James G. Brooks, founder and CEO of Glassview. “First and foremost, narrative is key—video that includes emotional and informational creative tends to boost deeper awareness for a product or service, while storytelling increases attention and engagement. It’s important that the emotional creative creates a personal connection with the audience. Brands need to identify their goals, whether that be increasing purchase intent or general brand awareness, and tailor their video strategy accordingly.”


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