YouTube Offers More Ad Extensions and Improves Brand Lift Measure

As Advertising Week New York kicks off, YouTube has a few announcements to make. First off, it’s going to increase the extensions marketers can build into their video ads. Extensions make video ads more useful by delivering customized info directly below the ad. The existing location extension, for example, lets viewers see store locations near them. The existing form location (in beta) lets them input their email address or other data.

ExtensionsIn a blog post. YouTube announced it’s offering new extensions for lower-funnel actions, such as selecting a movie time or downloading an app. These extensions let viewers do more without leaving the video page. YouTube is already testing the new extensions with 20th Century Fox, Chili’s, Maybelline, and other companies. It notes that Vodafone saw a 2.3x incremental lift in ad recall and a 3.5 percent click-through rate (a 785 percent improvement) thanks to the extensions.

YouTube is also improving brand lift measures, as it will soon give marketers the ability to create brand lift studies in Google Ads or Display & Video 360, then see the data next to their other metrics. YouTube will offer real-time measures of brand lift throughout a campaign. Two new metrics—lifted users and cost-per-lifted-user—promise to help marketers tweak their campaigns to drive the best lift results.

Finally, CPG advertisers will soon see an option to measure YouTube campaigns with IRI, which joins Oracle Data Cloud and Nielsen Catalina Solutions as a third-party verification partner.

“We’re announcing new ways for marketers to become more effective full-funnel storytellers using the combined power of YouTube’s creative canvas with Google’s machine learning and measurement solutions,” writes Vishal Sharma, vice president of product management for YouTube Ads. “We’re excited about how these capabilities can help take your campaigns to the next level, driving real business impact all along the customer journey.”


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