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In 2018, Video Marketers Grapple With a Rapidly Shifting World

The marketing world is rapidly shifting like never before, and the speakers at Advertising Week New York offer advice on how major brands are trying to manage those changes.

“I think if we had our way we would use data wherever we could,” said Nadine Karp McHugh, senior vice president of omni media at L’Oréal USA, speaking in the panel “How Leading CPG Brands Are Pushing the Boundaries of Digital Video.” Her team has seen strong results by using data to serve geo-targeted ads to the right people when they were near purchase locations. In fact, that’s led to double-digit growth.

Rapidly Shifting Video Marketing

Nadine Karp McHugh of L’Oréal USA and Lisa Mathison of Conagra

But marketers need to be careful how they use data. Privacy concerns and legislation will impact how consumers choose to interact with marketing. Knowing what consumers do and don’t want from marketing will become more a factor. “Data’s going to be more and more important,” she said.

One area where data is critical is in the walled gardens of social networks. In fact, viewers expect some level of personalization there, noted Ron Amram, manager for global marketing and media global commerce at Heineken. His company is now undertaking a shift to get everyone involved in product marketing on board with data and personalization. While the top level KPIs Heineken relies on haven’t changed—reach, consistency, relevance, selling beer—the second-level ones have thanks to the new reality of data and personalization. The old KPIs weren’t driving the behavioral changes his company needed, he said.

TV is now merely a subset of video planning, Amram noted, and marketers can holistically plan how videos are delivered in eight countries. But TV and data is a powerful combination, one that reestablishes TV’s power in the household—and he sees that as good for marketers.

The traditional purchase funnel is collapsing in this rapidly shifting economy, noted Lisa Mathison senior director of media at Conagra Brands, and there’s little time between exposure and purchase. Consumers are less loyal and more impulsive. She responds to that by bringing shopping experiences forward, and getting in front of shoppers with engaging video. Be open to experimenting with digital video, she urged, and don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

Providing the publisher view of this rapidly shifting world, Jason White, senior vice president and general manager of global programmatic revenue and partnerships at CBS Interactive, said measurement is still a stumbling block. The panel companies are moving into OTT and will streamline that problem over time. Some companies, including his own, are combining all their in-house sales teams into one to offer buyers a comprehensive purchase option.

Publishers are also dealing with what White calls the new walled gardens, including Roku and Amazon. Each of these put their own requests to publishers, dictating what capabilities can and can’t be used, and imposing their own restrictions.

“We’ll work within whatever confines we need to work with,” White said. He’s fine with dealing with walled garden rules, but wants these companies to operate more like SSPs.


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