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Mixed Reality Glasses Are Coming, and So Are a New Type of Ads

The next great computing interface will be mixed reality glasses, but they won’t look anything like the giant clunky VR goggles companies make now. No, they’ll be slim and light, just like regular eyewear. And with this new interface will come a new type of advertising.

Mixed Reality Glasses At the recent Video Marketing Power Summit in New York City, TJ Vitolo, chief commercialization officer for Envrmnt AR/VR, a Verizon company, give attendees a look into the near future of MR glasses and how 5G connections will make them possible.

“At Verizon, we essentially believe the next big interface is going to be glasses,” Vitolo said. “One of the biggest architectural elements and important elements of 5G is a component called Mobile Edge Compute. What that allows for is essentially the off-loading of processing power from those glasses to the network edge. What that means is that over time, those glasses…are going to become extremely small and lightweight. So you’re going to have a real pair of glasses that are now mixed reality glasses.”

When people have a useful computing interface constantly in front of their eyes, it will open up a new level of location-based advertising. Useful ads can appear at exactly the right time.

“The same way that advertisers monetize and show advertisements on mobile today, will also be built into mixed reality. So we’ll use an example of, let’s say, navigation and mixed reality with glasses. You’re walking in New York City, you’re looking for a restaurant,” Vitolo said. “If you’re layering an app for navigation, you’ll also have digital advertisements that pop up as you walk past other places.”

Advertisers will need to be careful not to overdo it and to find the right balance. For more on the possibilities and pitfalls of advertising on mixed reality glasses, watch the clip below.


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