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How L’Oréal Drove Online Traffic With Data-Driven Video Ads

Data-driven video means using customer intelligence to shape both a video’s distribution and message. According to a report from video marketing platform Innovid, CPG companies are seeing strong results by mixing a little data into their campaigns.

Data-Driven VideoThe report highlights a L’Oréal campaign that used data-driven video to encourage shoppers to visit a local store or visit retailers’ websites. To accomplish this, Innovid created an overlay that provided local information. Ever see an ad and wonder where you could buy the product? This video let shoppers know.

The campaign created over 2,000 versions of video ads for four Giorgio Armani campaigns, each with an overlay showing people where their nearest physical store was and offering links to the store’s site. “Having both the physical address and digital retailer present in the ad allowed the brand to cater to consumer preferences to either visit the nearest retail locations or purchase online,” Innovid’s report notes.

To test results, Innovid also ran versions of the video without the overlay. It found that the data-driven ads offered the best performance lift when compared to standard pre-rolls. Also, an ad format designed to drive clicks to L’Oréal’s site showed a double-digit rise in click-thru rates.

“While it’s true that our research shows that personalized, data-driven video, CTV, and interactive formats are seeing massive growth in impressions from CPG brands, the sector can still achieve significant first-mover advantage by investing in data-driven video—engaging consumers more effectively and stealing market share,” the report concludes.

The report also shows how Conagra’s snack brands achieved high gains in mobile CTRs and desktop completion rates using shoppable video ads. One version of the ad used an animated overlay with a Buy Now button, while a second created a canvas that wrapped around the video.

For more CPG results, download the full report for free (registration required).


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