Fullscreen Shield Offers Two-Stage Brand Safety Protection

The Fullscreen Shield promises to keep brands safe from unsavory online videos in two ways: First, it uses an automated scan to check the content of every video a brand’s campaign might appear on. It checks both the visuals and the words. Second, when the scan turns up videos that might be a problem, human reviewers look them over. It’s the only way to ensure brand safety.

Fullscreen ShieldIf that sounds like a lot of viewing time, it is. In beta testing, Fullscreen needed to manually review 25,000 videos. It staffed up and was able to vet them all in 10 days.

Fullscreen Shield is a new product for a company better know for its network of online video creators and its work with brand integrations. Shield searches out brand-unsafe content on other video networks. It’s cross-platform and brand specific, says Mark Williams, senior director of media operations for Fullscreen. That means it’s customized for each brand’s needs, flagging content based on specific concerns. It currently works only with YouTube videos, but the company plans to expand it to Facebook and Instagram in 2019.

Before a campaign launches, Facebook Shield runs through every possible video placement, creating a blacklist of unsafe inventory. Each list is customized to the brand’s own safety guidelines.

“In our recent beta test, we worked with a major telecom to score the video placements of one of its campaigns,” Williams says. “It sent us a list of 100,000 videos where its ads were placed as pre-roll and directed us to categorize videos using our built-in TV ratings, as well as customize the tool to identify video games, anime, children’s content, and vulgarity with 3X frequency (meaning a vulgar word used 3 times or more in a video should be flagged as unsafe). We found 10 percent of the videos to be unsafe due to reasons like excessive vulgarity, drug use, adult sexual references, and more.”

Using content-focused targeting and Shield is good for business, Williams adds: The company’s results show the combination outperformed Google interest targeting by 60 percent in several key metrics.


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