CTAs in Mobile Video Deliver Better Results, Finds Study

Here’s a best practice every online video marketer needs to know: Adding a call-to-action (CTA) to a shoppable mobile video ad leads to better results. Viewers look at the ad longer, remember it better, and even looked at it again. Having CTAs in mobile video always improves results.

CTAsThis information comes from the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), which tested shoppable mobile video ads using eye-tracking, biometric, and post-exposure surveys. In eye-tracking studies, ads with a CTA saw a 134 percent lift in viewing time over a control ad without a CTA.

“In a media and marketing landscape that is increasingly shifting towards a direct-to-consumer model, creating a two-way connection with consumers becomes critical, and calls-to-action on mobile video allow publishers and marketers to do exactly that,” explains Eric John, deputy director of the IAB Digital Video Center of Excellence. “Our study found that mobile shoppable video ads with CTAs grab consumers attention even when consumers didn’t interact with them. Consumers that did interact the CTA paid more attention to the ad and reported higher brand ratings afterwards. Awareness and brand perception are key stepping stones in bringing a consumer further down the purchase funnel. The CTA ultimately makes video actionable.”

The study tested three different types of CTAs, one that said “Shop Now,” one that said “Learn More,” and one that offered an opportunity to win a prize. It found “Learn More” performed better. A biometric test of heartbeat intervals showed this message had the strongest impact. The other two tied, and all three were more successful than control ads that didn’t have a CTA.

“We found that ‘Learn More’ as a CTA worked the best and generated the most attention as proven by eye-tracking and other biometric measures, and achieved the best brand ratings compared to other CTAs,” John adds. “The ‘Learn More’ messaging helped the consumer learn more about the product within the ad itself—which survey respondents in our study reported as important. Marketers should use ‘Learn More’ messaging as a primer to initiate the first handshake with consumers and, with proper targeting techniques, follow up with ‘Shop Now’ messaging as a closer.”

For more results on using CTAs in mobile video ads, download the full report for free (no registration required).


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