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Advanced TV Attribution: A Free Downloadable Guide Explains It

Marketers can learn everything they really should know about advanced TV attribution in one heavily illustrated four-page download. Thanks to the IAB’s latest release, video marketers can get up to speed in no time.

Advanced TV AttributionAdvanced TV attribution means proving that ad exposures from connected TV or over-the-top (OTT) viewing led to a desired outcome. Learning to conduct attribution studies lets marketers understand how their campaigns generate increases in sales, product awareness, purchase intent, and other KPIs. They can also see what market segments and streaming platforms deliver the strongest returns.

Once they have this information, they can use it to increase sales and metrics in non-addressable channels, as well, so conducting attribution studies is a win for even offline campaigns.

The five steps of the attribution process workflow:

1. Determine the custom target using first- or third-party data, and send it to an Identity Resolution Provider or Safe Haven.

2. That partner creates an anonymized list of target matches and shares with ad inventory partners.

3. Once ad exposure and outcome data is available, it’s anonymized and sent to an attribution report solution provider for analysis.

4. Either the data source provider, identity resolution provider, or another third-party creates a report focusing on the target KPIs.

5. That report is vetted by the inventory provider, then sent to the advertiser and agency.

“The advent of advanced TV products such as addressable TV and OTT/CTV are bringing digital-like reporting capabilities to the big screen,” writes Mike Welch, SVP of corporate strategy and business development for Xandr, and Michael Law, EVP, Managing Director of U.S. Media Investment for Dentsu Aegis Network, in a blog post. “By leveraging these platforms, advertisers can now target beyond traditional age/sex demographics and have their ads served to only those households that fit their specific targeting qualifications.”

Learn much more about attribution reporting by downloading the IAB’s free guide.


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