Video Ads Get 36% More Time in View Than Desktop Display Ads

Budgets spent on video ads are well spent, suggests a report from advertising intelligence company Integral Ad Science (IAS). It finds that video ads have a longer average time-in-view, which it ascribes to the attention-getting lure of sight, sound, and motion.

A desktop video ad has an average time-in-view of 14.42 seconds. That’s 36.3 percent longer than the average desktop display ad.

Video AdsResults are similar for mobile, but even more pronounced. On a mobile web page, video ads are in view for an average of 13.89 seconds. That’s a huge 87 percent longer than the average display ad on a mobile web page.

These numbers are global averages. At the moment, IAS offers U.S. and U.K. findings. A global report, as well as versions for 10 other countries or areas, is coming soon. The download is free, but registration is required.

“As we’ve been studying how to better dimensionalize attention over the years, we have found that shifting the focus from impressions to time-based metrics can make a real impact for advertisers,” says Scott Knoll, CEO at IAS. “Exposure time directly impacts the effectiveness of campaigns. This is precisely why we thought it was so important to begin offering these metrics in our Media Quality Report. This data offers advertisers foundational benchmarks for better understanding consumer attention moving forward.”

In this H1 2018 report, IAS offers ad fraud metrics for the first time. Higher CPMs lead fraudulent players to video ads, the report notes, so it saw a greater amount of video campaigns than display campaigns running optimizations against ad fraud. When anti-fraud strategies are put in place, video ad fraud can be held to a low level.

Desktop video ads that were optimized against ad fraud had an average of 2.3 percent fraud, compared to 9.5 percent for non-optimized desktop video ads. Mobile web video ads optimized against ad fraud had a 0.7 percent incidence of fraud, compared to 3.9 percent for non-optimized mobile web video ads.


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