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Multi-Platform Marketing: Does the Concept or Channel Come First?

For today’s multi-platform marketing pros, where does a campaign begin? Is it better to come up with an awesome idea and match it to the best available platform? Or is it better to think about the channel first and figure out what the team can pull off (and what the brand will agree to)?

Multi-Platform MarketingAt the recent Video Marketing Power Summit in New York City, the audience heard about teams that approach their work in different ways. First up, Kathryn Friedrich, chief business officer at RYOT Studio, said it’s important to start with the channel in mind.

“We kind of first start with the goals of the client that we’re working with because it all has to eventually be measured by them. I think taking and having that conversation upfront and understanding, okay, what do you care about? What are you trying to accomplish? How risk averse are you?” Friedrich said. “If they’re like, “You know what? Just go hog wild.” Great. We’ll go crazy and come up with something really immersive. But … the distribution angle has to be thought of in the beginning or has to be talked about in the beginning I think because to the point of you want to create something that you can actually execute and that someone will actually see. I think all too often there’s things that are created that you can’t execute and they’re great ideas but how the hell are you going to do them?”

Think about the channel from the beginning? For Michael Williams, branded content creative director at Mashable, that sounded like a great idea. Maybe he’d try it sometime, because his team does the reverse.

“I was listening to Kathryn and saying, ‘Wow. Maybe we should adopt that process,’ because we literally start with content first and then we think about distribution second, unless the brand and/or client has asked for a specific medium or channel to begin with,” Williams said.

For more from this multi-platform marketing discussion, watch the video below.


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