ListenFirst Lets Marketers Measure Twitter Video Performance

Listen to this: Enterprise social analytics platform ListenFirst announced today that it can do something no other analytics company can, and that’s track performance of videos on Twitter. It’s the first solution that collects data directly from Twitter’s API. That info is now available in the company’s cross-platform video analytics solution, which also looks at Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

ListenFirstTo understand why this is a big deal, take a few steps back and look at the path it took to get here. When Twitter first launched its native video player, explains Jonathan Farb, chief product officer for ListenFirst, a video’s performance data was only available to the account owner. Brands could see the numbers for their own videos, but had no context since they didn’t know what numbers other brands were getting. Twitter added video view counts on public-facing videos in December 2017, but it wasn’t available through the API and scraping the data violated Twitter’s terms of use.

Thanks to its partnership with Twitter, ListenFirst is the first company allowed to pull video data through the API, and can provide accurate view counts for any public tweet on the platform. It collects video data multiple times each day, and uses it to create optimized recommendations for clients.

“With this data, marketers and researchers now have more context around the performance of their video content, how audiences are responding and interacting with their videos, how their video content compares to their industry, and a better understanding of how video on Twitter is driving towards their objectives,” Farb says.

Using ListenFirst data, marketers can compare performance of their Twitter videos with those of their competitors, as well as industry benchmarks. They can see what video content is trending and learn why. They can also see how the same videos perform across social channels.

Scroll down for a look at the user interface on ListenFirst’s Twitter video analytics dashboard.



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