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Influencer Marketing Secrets: How to Keep the Talent On-Message

Online influencers are eager to land lucrative sponsorship deals, but not always eager to work with stuffy old advertising execs and their campaign requirements. At the recent Video Marketing Power Summit in New York City, a few marketing gurus dropped by to share their influencer marketing secrets, such as how to keep the talent on-message. Putting in personal one-on-one effort, and not letting a brief do all the talking, is one solution.

Influencer Marketing Secrets

Epic Signal’s Brendan Gahan and Mashable’s Michael Williams

“In terms of getting them to stay on brand and on message, it’s certainly a challenge,” said Brendan Gahan, founder of Epic Signal. “What we’ve seen work best is kind of bring them into the fold and do some sort of in person activation, give them the access to the marketing team. Ideally, create something that’s a combination of education and entertainment, so the brand message and the brief, they’re essentially get immersed into in real-time, versus just reading something off a document. Because anybody can just shoot a brief over email, across the table, and that’s not as impactful as sitting down with someone. You hang out with somebody, you inevitably want to do right by them.”

However, some brands are overly concerned with the message going out exactly as they wrote it. A good influencer marketing campaign carves out creative freedom for the talent. After all, they know best how to communicate to their audience. They also know how to communicate a personal and persuasive message. Letting go is important for any influencer campaign.

“Part of that is definitely the brand relinquishing a little bit of control, because it’s hard to get an authentic message across when they’re just all constantly in approval mode of everything,” explained Kathryn Friedrich, chief business officer for RYOT Studio. “Some brands get it, some brands don’t. I mean, there are a lot of brands that I’ve worked with in the past that no matter how much they want to be cool and they want to work with an influencer that’s cool and popular right now, they are not willing to bend and really they just want an ad agency.”

For more influencer marketing secrets, watch the full video below.


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