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Ads in AR, VR, and 360: How Many Will Viewers Tolerate?

When it comes to new types of video experiences, marketers are eager to create a monetization strategy, but go too fast and viewers will get turned off. At the recent Video Marketing Power Summit in New York City, experts took on the question of how many ads will viewers tolerate? And what types of immersive video serve as the best platforms for ads?

Ads in AR, VR, and 360: How Many Will Viewers Tolerate?“I think augmented reality leads itself more to a tool whereas virtual reality and even 360 are, this is much more of where the narrative experience is,” explains John Penn, founder and CEO of InspireVR. “I think they have different roles in the users, what they want to be able to do. So I think for a navigation-type experience that it may be more acceptable to have other ads pop up because augmentation is more of a tool and tools make people’s experience better in every situation.”

So think about the different type of experiences each provides. Is the content lean back entertainment video, or is it a tool that viewers will use to accomplish a goal. Viewers are used to getting ads with their entertainment. But be cautious how ads are inserted, another panelist chimed in

“I think we need to be really careful about how we insert advertising into things like augmented reality,” added Ian Busching, president and CEO of Dig Down Media. “I think particularly the younger generation has a stronger aversion to a lot of this, and if done in the wrong way or just in a way that leaves a distaste in the mouth of the person who is consuming it, then they’re not going to come back to it. So you need to go at it carefully and understand where your viewership is coming from before we start adding. I think as far as the ideal opportunity of an augmented reality platform or something that we could look forward to, that would be one where you provide an experience to the viewer that makes them want to use your product or service.”

Scroll down to see more from this Video Marketing Power Summit session on immersive ads and what viewers tolerate.


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